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  1. As a long time Nikon shooter (photography) that had been supplementing video with an a7SII, it was pretty simple to add a z6 to my kit. My Nikkor kit is 20/1.8, 28/1.4, 58/1.4 and 105/1.4 (along with some manual focus primes). Those never adapted great to Sony. They are amazing on the z6 (especially the 28 and 105 with power iris). I am pretty much in heaven now. I have a d850 and z6 and a great set of lenses. Sold off all of my Sony gear. The a7S didn’t quite cut it for travel photography so I often lugged around a large kit. Now a z6 and a few lenses is all I need to get it all done—photo and video. If I had to chose only one body right now, it would be my z6. Your points are spot on. It makes little sense for those new to the hobby or canon, Panasonic Sony shooters to pick up a Z. Adapters and lenses are coming, though.
  2. Excited to dig into this profile. I have been using VH S-Log with great success but am always interested in trying out new profiles. Just purchased Z-Log this morning and will shoot with it later, but I will ask a question up front because it is something that had been bugging me with VH S-Log. Why do these profiles clip shadows and highlights early in the histogram? Separately, they also require 235 or lower setting on zebra for them to show up at all. Without much knowledge, it would lead be to believe that, at the highlights end, these profiles throw away some of the largest buckets of data. Neither Flaat nor Nikon profiles clip the histogram like this. Being this is the second high quality "Log" curve to do so, I have to imagine there is some benefit to it. Finally, how does the author of this profile get special access that the rest of us don't get through Nikon's desktop profile editor to remove the sharpness or did they just use that tool? No shame either way, if it is good, it is good. I just think the marketing of that seems a little misleading, especially when it is compared to Nikon Standard rather than Nikon Flat with sharpness turned all the way down.
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