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one of the older longer barrel ones?


i have one and it is very nice, but because of the longer barrel you're pretty much limited to 50mm and above on an M43 sensor. 


i personally love mine, tack sharp with a zeiss behind it.


also have a regular elmoscope with no "16" on the barrel that looks identical,... also very very nice.


they're both lovely, just dont expect to get very wide with them.


btw, you're not the Martin i know in Bangkok are you? 

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Thanks for your quick reply. im afraid i am from Argentina :)

May i ask 2 more questions?

Do you know the approximate minimum focus distance?

I have a Canon 5d3, what would be my minimum focal length lens for using it?

Thanks again, I havent found any spec on the 16 elmoscope, so any technical insight is appreciated.

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nice shoots, quite organic too, double focusing right?
Is it this one:
what about the price?

Looks like similar to 16D, not wide for sure. I have ELMO 20mm F1.4, which came with Elmoscop-II that equals to 16H.
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