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Aren't you waiting for the Panasonic S1?


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I would use it with PL mount lenses, so AF would not have to be best in class.  I do expect AF to get better since  this is only Beta 0.6 software.  No intentions of being a vlogger either.  All the latest cameras are missing some features that everyone thinks are deal breakers for them.

8 minutes ago, Towd said:

My understanding was that V-Log L was the same mapping as V-Log on the Varicam, but with less dynamic range.  Panasonic's GH5 V-Log  LUT seems to be interchangeable with the regular Varicam LUT.

Are people just hoping for more dynamic range out of the V-log mapping on the S1?  My impression has always been that V-log L was just marketing gimmickry to help separate the Varicam from the GH5 and emphasize the lower dynamic range on Panasonic's prosumer camera.

Extra dynamic range is always good.

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I'm waiting for a GH5s price drop

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