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Bmpcc 4k as a upgrade to my nx1


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Hello, I have a Nx1 and it's just to much work for a hobby camera. H.265 to heavy on my machine and my machine isn't old. Transcoding takes forever. I am not able to transcode 120 FPS into Prores either into dnxhd. Is there any way to make it to a fast workflow camera. Like filming taking the SD card out copying the footage onto the computer and starting to edit. How is the black magic pocket 4k any downsides?

Thanks in advance  Hugovlennart


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Hi, you can edit H.265 straight on Adobe Premiere and in Davinci Resolve (not optimal for NX1, I've heard). The biggest issue was the lack of hardware acceleration for H.265 encoding/decoding. But if you have 6th generation intel (Kaby Lake) or above there should be no issues.
I chose to upgrade my NX1 and NX500 with the BMPCC4K and I don't regret it. Even tough I still love my NX1, it will be confined to the photo department now. Still love the raw photo output. But the BMPCC4K has a stronger set of codecs, 4K 60p, cheaper media (Samsung T5 SSD), good color science, BRAW etc...
It comes at the cost to rigging it a little bit (NP-F battery plate needed or else). I prefer the NX1's grip (best I've ever had), but with a cage the BMPCC4K is just fine, it's heavier, I like it like this, easier to shoot handheld.

Only downsides I find:

- They could include anamorphic de-squeeze in firmware updates
- Waveform monitor would be great
- A bit tedious to rig on gimbals, fine if you have a cage
- Fixed monitor, you'll have to get used of blind shooting if you don't get a monitor
- Rubber thingy I/O protection can be annoying, you can pull it off though
- Proprietary 2 pin power input
- No clip deletion, will force you to shoot efficiently though

So there are constraints but they can result in more skills, but price-wise we live in a blessed era for cinematography. My teachers had to get 100k loans 30 years ago to get their whole kit for broadcast.
I don't see why a station wouldn't accept PRORES LT in REC 709 or 2020 from the BMPCC4K, they accept Iphones videos sometimes.

That was my 2 cents advise.



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3 hours ago, seanzzxx said:

Just a minor point, the P4CCK can shoot stills, it's just super clumsily implemented and you can't see your results afterwards.

The stills feature of the P4K is not intended for photography. It's intended as a quick way to capture the scence so that you can recreate the look for continuity when filming a production that stretches over several days. So characters will have the same hairstyles on day one of filming as they do on day two for example. 

This is why it captures in the same resolution as the video. You will be sadly disappointed should you believe this functionality means it is a hybrid camera. 


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