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question about doorbell.


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While the wire doorbell is ALWAYS going to be faster, the difference isn't huge and it more comes down to the size of the buttons and cost (including installation).

So I would guess I would take a wireless one (as long as it isn't made by XXXXX - I never get on with their stuff and their users are fanboys and trolls on the doorbell forums).

Colour is important to me to and XXXXX just can NOT make a doorbell colour that I like.

As for ergonomics, It has to have a nice size button with a firm push.

Regards the ring tone inside, well for me it HAS to be analogue (with bells), none of this digital rubbish.



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@ autens we have two wireless door bells - one our gate and one on our front door.  They work great but need batteries now and then so if you can wire it, that would be the best for long term use.  The nice then about one of them is that the bell part plugs in to the wall so if you don't want to hear it you can just unplug it.

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