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Dealing with Youtube DMCA as a Creator (help)(*crying*)


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Okay. *deep breath*

So: this guy who is an actor in my short film essentially stole the file i uploaded to youtube, changed the title frame, cropped off the letterbox, and reloaded it as HIS OWN PERSONAL FEATURE MOVIE TRAILER.

Not my short film, a MOVIE TRAILER FOR HIM: THE MOVIE™™

Of course I never gave him permission to do any of this. He has an imaginary "branding" business that he thinks hes promoting. Its amazing. I'm honestly a little blindsided by this and a little disappointed in him personally – he knows exactly what hes doing, and refuses to take it down.

Long story short, I filed a youtube DMCA copyright takedown request. The video he uploaded is exactly the same as mine, besides the title frame and he cut off the letterboxing. its the exact same length – same video.

...But somehow, i got a response from youtube saying that they need more information, like timestamps... okaaay. no problem.

BUT, i kid you not, there is no link in that email to follow up on this.

so i go into my youtube account, thinking theres an alert or something i can click on... and theres nothing.

and now i legit dont know what to do!!! ?

i tried to file the dmca all over again, but it says invalid url on the offending video because ive used it before – Check your correspondence, it says.

I DID?!?!

theres no place on the dmca from to fill out further info – to type stuff. its not there in the first place.


Anybody else been through this? this process?

youtube wrote:



We require a more detailed description of your copyrighted work. We won't be able to process your request until you have provided us with this information.

We encourage you to provide whatever specifics you feel will be most useful. Information such as the title of the work, the type of work, its author’s name, the date of creation of the work, a copyright registration number (if the work is registered), and/or the specific timestamps at which your work appears in the video in question will greatly assist us in processing your request.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

- The YouTube Team


i already provided that stuff. the timestamps are the entire video.

brb kms



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They needed the time stamps and other information in the original report. I suggest making a new one.

When ever my videos are stolen its an easy process to get them taken down. But the report needs to be thoroughly filled.

EDIT: sorry didn't see the end. Try having a friend do it from their account.

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19 minutes ago, kaylee said:

update: you can only complain about a copyright as the copyright owner, from that account.

so flagging from other people has to be on a different topic, i guess

this is amazingly lame :) 

That sucks. Youtube really are aweful when it comes to communication on subjects like these.
I once tried to report a video that went so far in slandering another person that it was pretty much illegal.
I was unable to file the report as "difference of opinion" isn't grounds for removal... ok one can go to jail for it but not get the holy video removed.. sigh. 

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