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What's in your Run and Gun Documentary Videography Kit?

Mako Sports

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2 hours ago, IronFilm said:

Store the gorillapod separately in the bag from the camera. 

If questioned, say the gorillapod is a sex toy.


Although the time I had an issue was that we were going into one entrance of a historic site and out another with a tour group, so when they offered to put it in a locker for me to collect it on my way out it didn't help.  Of course, saying it's a sex toy probably also wouldn't have helped because that historic site was......  the Vatican!

Honestly though, I'm currently on holiday and am just using the XC10 / Rode VMP+ combo and it's working great.

Here's a lightly graded XC10 shot I took the other day....    Greetings from Italy!


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