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Guerrilla shooters? (this thread is not about hunting..)


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@IronFilm I have a couple of beliefs (theories perhaps) that apply here.  

The first is that everything can be thought of like a signal-path..  obviously audio, where I think the concept comes from, but everything else as well.  In the end, everything matters because everything has the potential to go horribly wrong.

The second is that it's not enough to just not stuff something up in each stage of the signal-path, but every technical aspect of film-making has associated aesthetic attributes, which may or may not be aligned with what you're trying to do in the film.  For example a horror film shot with high-key lighting and bright colours isn't as good as gloomy lighting and dull gritty colours.  

In the end we're trying to manipulate things (set, costumes, lighting, camera, sound capture, script, acting, colouring, editing, VFX, etc) so that they're all suited to and adding to the overall aesthetic of the film.

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yeah we need a line of cases that say like HAZARDOUS MATERIALS or WARNING SUPER AIDS or something

This is the perfect example of guerrilla filmmaking.   

My guerilla short :  

Posted Images

My favourite travel vlogger / film-maker just posted this gear video that might be useful for some people.

Every time I go somewhere and shoot it I reflect on it afterwards and try to adapt my approach and equipment and I've found that over time my setup looks more and more like his setup.  
I wish I had been a bit more of a fanboi in this regard because I've bought a lot of gear that didn't end up working for me and eventually replaced it with things similar or identical to this setup and it's worked really well for me.

I can second the Gorillapod, Rode VMP+, use of USB charging for as much stuff as possible, and use of clear bags for cables and whatnot.

In watching the above he also mentions the 16-35 can turn into a 56mm with the A7SII crop mode switched on, which I'd forgotten.  He's spoken in other videos about his lenses (he used to be a wedding film-maker so there's lots of gear videos on his other channel Wedding Film School) and IIRC he would shoot weddings with only the 16-35 and a 50mm prime because those lenses combined with the 1.6x crop mode gave him enough focal length options.  He also shoots in 4K and delivers in 1080 so he can punch in digitally as well.

It's interesting that he mentioned wanting to try his wireless lav mic for travel, which I think @IronFilm suggested at some point.  It makes sense if you do lots of talking to camera stuff like Kraig does.

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20 minutes ago, kye said:

BTS of how Brandon Li films.

Relevant to the fact he's shooting without permission, a crew, etc.  He's still a million miles away from how I shoot.. he can do multiple takes - luxury!!


If you can shoot Koreans up close and personal, you can shoot anywhere.

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1 hour ago, jonpais said:

If you can shoot Koreans up close and personal, you can shoot anywhere.

Really?  I haven't visited Korea - yet!

I notice that people in most big cities seem to be less bothered than where I live, which is not big, either in population or mindset..  I looked at that and thought "if only!"

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