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NX1 dynamic range in 2018

Andrew Reid

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I just used my NX1 when I went to Marbella, and this camera is still great! I really wish they make another one (NX2), it's a great system!

You can check out some clips here: (GammeDR, Samsung S Lens 16-50mm f2-2.8) 4K will be available when youtube's processing is done



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On 2/20/2018 at 7:52 AM, Matthew Hartman said:

Yes, and in combination with a Tiffen Low light contrast filter.

But Keep in mind my objective here was to challenge the "unacceptable noise" comment that some people hold against this camera, and others in the same class in general. 

A little Neat Video goes a long way. Also, by the time you add in more contrast or an s-curve to the footage, a lot of those artifacts perceptually go bye-bye. This isn't anything new. It has to be done on a lot of Alexa, RED and certaintly Blackmagic systems as well. 

Sony set such a high and impractical bar in my opinion. The high ISO capability is literally teaching a generation of how to NOT properly light and expose a dark scene, esstentially stripping away a really good tool that has been succesfully used for many of decade. And now the expectation (bad practice) of using very high ISO gets wrapped up in other systems, like the GH5s. It still comes with other compromises too. 

Darkness IS information in terms of narrative work, and I feel like I'm going to be evangelizing this more and more, and I'm already blue in the face as it is. ? Yes, this emoji is yellow. 

The viewer does not need to see every detail in a scene to comphrehend what the scene is relating. That would fall more into line with documentation. A narrative piece is not a document of antiquity, it's a story, therefore an illusion. The human brain is really good at filling in the blank spaces. All you need to give the viewer are hints, the brain parses the rest. It's pretty remarkable, and testimate to how powerful the mind is.  

Take my profile image of the man sitting in the car. You only see small hints of a car, some seat, some steering wheel, both descending into shadow. But you as the viewer know he's sitting in a car and not a train. Correct? It's what you don't see that's drawling you in. So going back to high ISO, do you really want to see all the details in the scene? I say, shadows are friends, not combatants. 

I learned this actually in my fine art classess in college some 22 years ago, and it was practiced knowledge long, long, long before that, and has been effective for all kinds of mediums within the arts and sciences. 

What were your settings for the flat profile i.e. contrast, black levels and so on? Also what program did you color grade this in? Would love to see a tutorial on your NX1 work in perhaps something like Davinci Resolve since I have that program only at this point. I would definitely subscribe to your YouTube channel or if you released a DVD guide on your process from start to finish would be willing buy a digital version of it showing filming process and grading process. Sorry but I am amazed at the quality I saw... I already have the EOSHD guide for NX1 but haven't started going through it yet.

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