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One light setup for interviews - suggestions

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Hi guys, 

Have have some indoor interviews to film after Christmas and I'd appreciate some advice on a suitable one light setup. 

I know there are thousands of videos on YouTube on this topic, but it's impossible to know if the people shooting these videos actually use the lights they are reviewing.  

I'm after a simple lighting setup, ideally something portable for soft lighting for my interview subjects

It seems are are lots of budget options and some very high end, but not much in between. 

I'd appreciate recommendations from people who actually use lights rather than vloggers just testing them. 

I was considering CFL's as a budget option or a LED Panal or aputure 120 Cob light at the higher end. 

Or maybe I'm better off just hireing something instead? 



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I can't give any specifics about particular lights, but as someone who has shot a lot of STILLS headshots / portraits with one light, I can tell you that reflectors are your friend.

You might want a scrim as well to block out unwanted light as well because with one light you MIGHT be competing with unwanted ambient lights.

Hope this helps.

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Hey, CFL can look pretty gruesome.. Sometimes it can be very nice to have a bit of illumination in the background as well. So if practicals at hand and if logical, they can be used to nice effect. I would suggest tungsten light for being cheap and reliable. Bounce it off a bedsheet f.i. to soften it to your likeing.


Here is a nice guide for a quick setup utilizing indirect bounced light and ambient background light. It´s can come very handy and with appealing effect for an interview to have a light falloff from you subject to the background.

Maybe some other people can chim in to comment on the CFL part of things.



this one is very fun and quick to watch with some basic principles one can utilize:


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