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GH5 6K anamorphic workflow?


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Hi,  do you know if this is using ffmpeg with a fancy wrapper?

Or complete custom algorithm of their own?

Genuinely interested, not trying to be goofy...


15 hours ago, AaronChicago said:

I figured it out. THere's a new firmware update to FootageStudio4K that allows for up to 8K transcoding.


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Hello everyone,

I like the anamorphic view of 2X I am getting from my rig, Kowa for B&H 2X, with an EOS mount Minolta Rokkor PG 58mm/f1.2 and Metabones 0.64XL Speedbooster.
I am performing the desqueeze via Resolve 12.5 Studio in the Color Panel, Sizing, Width:  2.667, and Zoom:  0.4989
Seems to work good.

Is a 4K timeline better to use, than  a 1920x1080P timeline?
I was using a 1920/180P 24fps timeline in previous use, now trying a 4K timeline, and then outputting a 4K file for import to Power Director 16.0 to make the 1920/180P 24FPS DVD.
Any suggestions or critique?
Should I Resolve perform ALL of the rendering, or is PD16.0 okay to transcode with?
I am also still playing with ffmpeg to perform transcoding.
I'm an finding this is taking a LOT of time on my humble PC system.


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