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Slow-mo shootout - which camera gives the most detail at 120fps?

Andrew Reid

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 ok, long due “test” one day with 120 frames conformed to 24p in camera, another with 120p made to 24p in post. Can you tell which is which? Hint: all long sleeve shots of my kid are one mode, all short sleeve shirt shots are the other mode... are both modes terrible enough to not matter at all? Would you use it for a project?

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@elgabogomez Lovely kid, terrible video quality. For me, both video modes are unusable. Actually I am shocked as how bad they are. 

I was cleaning my hard drives last night, and saw some footage I had for a documentary I was shooting a year ago with my NX1 (people with kinetic problems dancing, and sword fencing) and that slow mo footage (not perfect of course, and no good lighting unfortunately) played in film festivals alright.

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Kisaha, thanks for watching. Could you elaborate on your comment? Noise, softness, artifacts? Resolution? I’m still debating myself if its slow mo is useable in a non-personal project. I’m only seeing my kid and turn a blind eye to the short comings of the image, so I need people that don’t look at it with my fondness.

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If Canon had slow motion on their cheap dSLRs, would be like this! and probably that is why they do not have, because indeed, it could be looking like this.

There are 2 things that may change things though, Youtube compression is just terrible in your case (for some other reason than camera footage), and slow motion falls apart in higher ISO. Test more, without your son, daytime, go to a skate park, or do some slow mo of your friends playing basketball, or someone cycling etc

Only you can be the judge of your own projects.

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Thanks for this great review of 120fps cameras !

It's been more than a year since you did this testing and I hope that you can update these results with some of the newer cameras now available.

I'm specifically interested in 120fps on the Canon VIXIA GX10 (XF400 / XF405) and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K.

Please include bitrate info.  Canon Canada told me the GX10 1080p 120fps bitrate is "16".  That seems like an odd number since the 1080p 60fps is listed as 17 or 35Mbps.



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