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NX-1 vs Red 6k?

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Our South Korean Friend is back....he has a very glossy High Key magazine style...

I cant understand completely as the translate option cant be trusted it seems the intro shots are NX-1 footage then the rest is Red? or is he comparing NX-1 + ReD shot for shot...

Cant comprehend the text in video.  Check it


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The intro text at the very beginning just states that it's called 'Red Mirage,' that he used the Red Dragon 6K and NX1, the model's name, that it was edited in Final Cut Pro X...


Then starting from about 3:20...

"The Crane/Crane V2 dual-handle kits were sold out, so this video was shot with one hand on the gimbal and the other holding an LED light.

A Manfrotto LED with an internal battery was used, and it was shot with the NX1 and a 12-24 wide-angle lens. (This was the outside spinning shot).

The opening was shot with the Red Dragon 6K at 6144 X 2592. The lens was a Tokina cine lens. 

Outside of the opening, all the shots were with the NX1 on a one-hand gimbal crane (the Zhiyun Crane) or on an Edelkrone slider.

The Red Epic Dragon and NX1 that were used for filming."


So, in short, the inside opening was the Red Dragon, and it seems all the outdoor shots were with the NX1. Not bad! I'm glad I picked one up used a couple weeks ago...




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