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Dynamic Range & RAW

Faran Saberi

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Also, comparing RAW with AVCHD for example, you'll actually be able to use and manipulate those lower stops without them turning into goo, 


The colour grade I did here: http://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/1165-bmdcc-raw-footage-available-to-download/


For example, would not be possible if that original had been AVCHD, so it's best to put such specifications in a practical context.


You lose a stop, so be more careful with your lighting and protect the lows in RAW or the highs in ProRes.

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Can anybody tell me what the difference between 12 and 13 stops of dynamic range are likely to be?


All the Canon DSLR sensors seem to top out at 11.7 ev steps dynamic range (for stills!) measured by dxomark. My old Nikon D200 which was made in 2005 had 11.5 ev steps, while my new D800 has 14.4 EV steps for stills - which is pretty impressive, and pretty much matches what the best negatives/films do. Even the new low end Nikons have around 13 EV stops of dynamic range.


If you have access to try out similar cameras, I suggest that you pop in a memory card and shoot with these on a sunny/high contrast day and compare the skies, highlights, shadows.


12 steps is alright, but you can get burnt out skies more easily. 13-14 steps will help a lot in maintaining detail without resorting to ND grads or other tricks.

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