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Editing Sound in FCP Using Waveforms.


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    • By Lance Thorn
      Hello everyone,
      I'm selling my video gear! Unfortunately, I thought I would be shooting more video and it looks like that's not the case–more photo gigs than video. Well, I've been shooting with my D800 and made the jump to Blackmagic. All the equipment is in excellent condition. I've owned them for six months, except the Zoom, Zacuto and edelkrone which I've had for years. The edel, Zacuto and Zoom are old so maybe disregard it for sale unless you really want a well-used piece of gear.
      Items for sale:
      BMMCC  $950 USD with Cage & Battery
      Metabones Nikon Speedbooster ($390). It's a little tight on the Micro
      Sigma 18-35 1.8 F Mount ($725)
      Wooden Camera Cage
      Small HD 501 with hot shoe adapter, screen guard with two LP-E6 Batteries ($850 USD)
      Rode NTG-2 Shotgun (Comes with XLR Cable) ($250)
      edelkrone Pocket Rig (V1) ($150)
      Zoom H4n ($90)
      Watson Compact Charger
      Zacuto Z Finder 3x used with my Nikon D800 ($200)
      I've only shipped in the US but I could look into international. Paypal preferred.
      I'd like for them to find a good home where they are used A LOT.


    • By Wit
      Next friday I will have a shoot. Using a lavalier, dslr, shotgun and the audiorecorder DSLR from beachteck.
      I'm not sure if I will use the sound of my shotgun as we are in a very airy space where sound with the shotgun could be bad.
      Thinking of wiring my lavelier into the audiorecorder to my dslr as well. But is there a way to record two separate audio tracks with the beachteck? So I can ditch the shotgun track if I don't like it?
      Thanxs for helping
    • By Lovund
      Hi guys,
      I've been a lurker in the forums for quite some time now, but this is my initial post.
      I received my GH4 yesterday and have been playing with different setups. This is the best so far. Regular shoulder-rig with cage. A Røde shotgun mic with pistol grip attached to a super clamp which is attached to the cage. Sounds like a bad idea, but works wonderfully, and are easy to detach. There is no wiggle or instability. The Røde is connected to the Zoom H4N which is connected to the Panasonic. I've had great results so far with my testing and its hard to tell the difference between the GH4 Audio and the H4N recording. You can of course record audio with the recorder and have great referance audio in the GH4.
      Works really good when you don't have a designated audio-guy.
      // Johannes

    • By Lasers_pew_pew_pew
      Hi there,
      I've got my pennies together and I'm going to pick up a GH4 next week, and I even bought the EOSHD shooters guide.
      Problem... This GH4 audio buzzing I keep hearing about. How bad is it really?
      Lets say I bought a juice box to have with my GH4, and I was using it to record sound from radio mics from interviews/atmos though my GH4.
      Are my interview audio going to be ruined? Is it that noticeable or is it a tiny little sound issue?
      I'm going to be using my camera for short films but also for filming documentary work, and I don't want to have to use a separate recorder and then sync in Avid.
      I need to know that the sound is going to be ok, if I end up making a feature documentary but need to go back to the original rushes from when I was starting out I need to know I can go back and the audio will be useable.
      Anyone have any experience of this?
      Any one have any examples of it that you can hear on footage of someone talking?
    • By jcs
      I fed mic-level output from a Sound Devices USB Pre 2 (standalone mode, has the same preamps/circuit as the 7xx recorders) into the GH4 set to -12dB mic gain (uploaded as 4K):

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