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Sony NEX 7 - Review

Andrew Reid

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[quote author=lunelson link=topic=283.msg2080#msg2080 date=1330529689]
Anyway what I'm saying is with a flat profile if you push your exposure "to the right", even though that looks wrong on your display (it will all seem too bright, but just watch your histogram), later you will have encoded more of the picture you actually want, since the flat profile allowed you to push it in to the higher levels of the image. In the grading you would bring things down (rather than up, as you had to do with the sky in that image), and you find that the tone and saturation will turn out much better. That's my theory.

I would like to see a comparison, to see how the NEX 7's flat image profile would hold up if treated that way, since I think the color looks much more neutral and balanced than what the GH2 or Canons produce...


This has been generally my experience, exposing more than I typically would using the histogram to push as far to the right as I can get without clipping my highlights (not pushing ISO too far for this, however - noise level on NEX-7 is about on par with my T3i, I think).

Typically I use fast lenses and reasonably close distance subjects which makes for perfectly fine detail rendering on the 7's sensor, and if I need that extra stop to push "to the right" I dial down my shutter to 1/25 or 1/60, depending on my frame-rate - low shutter speeds don't seem to affect the motion in the image at all (at least to my eye). In general I find this exposure method lets me grade my footage without much complication or loss of quality.

One practice I do find myself experimenting with more now that I own the NEX 7 is shooting entire projects in 1080/60p and conforming to 24p if desired later on - 60p with an appropriate shutter speed nearly eliminates rolling shutter, and gives me automatic slo-mo flexibility if desired. Obviously the higher bitrate is an attraction too, although to be honest I doubt it's manifesting much more detail in the image - just more frames  :P Still, makes me feel better mentally  ;)

Anyways, if you can shoot with a reasonably shallow depth of field, a higher-than-you're-used-to exposure, and at high frame-rate/shutter speeds, this is a remarkably pleasant and effective camera - especially with good sharp glass. Can't wait to slap my FD 85mm 1.8 or my Tamron Adaptall 90mm 2.5 on it with my en-route Sankor anamorphic. Lovely days ahead. :)
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[quote author=ddueck link=topic=283.msg2835#msg2835 date=1332471020]
Just finished this little montage using NEX-7 and Canon FD glass, and the techniques outline in my prior post...

[url=http://vimeo.com/38994583]March 17 2012 Irish Parade - NEX-7[/url]

(vimeo.com/38994583 if you can't view the embed)

I love your reluctance to blast the colour correction and contrast on this piece.  Really nice look to it.  and the slight green hint works well in strengthening the subject.  I think i may switch to 50p from now on.  though each frame during 50p mode is dedicated just 0.56mb compared to the 1.0mb per frame when shooting 25p.  I have to say, I have yet to gather much more than 10mb/s on most of the footage I have shot on the nex 5n.

What would be the most bitrate hungry subject matter?  moving leaves all in focus?  lots of grains of sand blowing in the wind?
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