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Aputure is shipping their new microphone: "Aputure Deity" (meant to be a competitor to 416 / NTG3)


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It is definitely not competing with the best microphones out there, I see it more as a Rode killer, than anything. Do not feel like a lot of top pro sound men replace their 416es or 60s for this, but instead of one of the cheap Rodes, I can see getting this as a second or third mic.

It is also a lot wider than 416, which is a no no for me and most top professionals, but the weather sealing, the wide patter and the cheap price of the kit it makes it an excellent back up plan, or crash-mic, or first mic for one man band professionals that sound is their second or third, or forth, (or fifth!) thought, or new sound men and boom ops that afraid to handle the not so forgiving Sennys. 

The Rode/Rycote thingy costs around 80$, and the Rycote with the new softie (which I tried, and didn't excited me very much) is https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/263721-REG/Rycote_033702_Medium_Hole_Softie_Lyre.html in a very good price.

I will be waiting for more reviews, and probably a small price drop, and see if it take me away from the MKE 600, which I was considering as a back up mic. 

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Should perhaps have shared this trailer ages ago, but this might just maybe perhaps be the first feature film with an Aputure Deity used on it?! (was shot mid last year)


Maaaaybe, share if you know of any others!





Although the bulk of it I used a Sanken CS3e for outdoors, and a Samson S02 indoors. (plus a little teeny bit here was done with an Oktava cardioid or a 416)

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