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Oscar Thread


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Finally saw La La Land. Amazing.

Manchester by the Sea I thought had a lot of issues.. really freaking weird editing in one scene, but overall liked it more than I thought I would. Casey Affleck is talented.

What should we be excited about? What was overrated? Post a review or a title or whatever.

Or just say screw the Oscars. What won't get recognized, but we should all see?


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I found that there was often a disconnect between the singing/dance scenes and the real life issues that the characters were facing n La La Land.
I understand that this was intentional, however,I found the surrealism jarring, at times.

I guess I couldn't help but compare it to Sing Street as they are both loosely in the "musical" genre.
And in the end I thought Sing Street executed its transition to musical numbers better and the themes of the characters were more insistent and poignant.
But each to their own and I'm sure that there will be those who disagree with my assessment.

The conclusion of La La Land was perfect though.

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Saw La La Land and had huge problems with it. Emma Stone has two incredible scenes but I felt that the musical numbers were overdone, not well choreographed, and poorly edited. Unlike you spink I had major issues with the ending, not how it ended, but the filmmaking and editing used to convey the scene.

Personally loved Arrival, High-Rise, Hacksaw Ridge, Kubo and the Two Strings, "Hail, Caesar!" , The Nice Guys, 10 Cloverfield Lane, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Still want to catch: Don’t Think Twice, Sing Street, The Lobster, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Loving, Silence, Manchester by the Sea, Moonlight, Hell or High Water, Fences, Paterson, Zootopia, The Boy and the Beast, Captain Fantastic, Green Room, Fences, The Little Prince, A Monster Calls.

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I think for me, La La Land hit that little spot where I couldn't really have a criticism because all of it was either awesome as a throwback or just straight up magic. Or something to that effect. Trying to think of other films that had that effect (ones where it isn't just a me thing). I guess if anyone has every called a film "perfect", you can probably look back and say there was a "problem", but if you already see it as perfect, even those just become charming. So maybe means I was a little clouded by sentiment, but it does mean the film did a fantastic job of pulling me in. The style obviously isn't for everyone; maybe that let some people be more aware of issues as it went along..

I really wanna see Paterson too

Also, just a tthought, no one has done it I don't think, but give a heads up for spoilers.

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