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Any reasons I shouldn't this steadicam?


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I am starting to be in need of a steadicam because my stabilizer/rig isnt cutting it. I have done some research and found out that with the light weight gh2, the glidecam pro 1000 is the best fit.


Anyone out there that has a gh2 and used a steadicam that can offer some advice on which one to get? My lenses are somewhat heavy, canon fd 50mm, slr magic 12mm, but nothing super heavy. Would these work with the glidecam pro 1000?


Any other steadicam recommendations?

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Most of these things can work really well, but it's a skill you gotta learn, it's not like you mount your camera on it and voila!

Steadycam operator is a specific and valuable job, and the good ones are usually very sought after, but it takes them years to get to that level.


Doing it with small DSLRs might be easier to master, but it still requires a lot of practice and invested time until you can "control" it the way you want it to.


Also, prepare to calibrate it for every different lens you mount on it. Other than that, it should do the job.

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I've got an HD200 with an extra quick release plate.  as others have mentioned it's really hard to calibrate if you're not used to it.  make sure you have a c-stand styled bar to go with it to make your calibration faster.  you can add an arm harness and vest accessories for long shoots if that's your thing.  

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Has anyone tried a U-Flycam with a GH2?


Indeed. With the very lightweight Oly 12mm. Allowed to take away all counterweights and mount an external monitor instead. Can't recommend it though for this camera.


(Popeye-like forearm due to wideangle distortion, but you surely feel the weight!)


I think there are two options:

1. Make it as light as possible (difficult with the SLR magic, with the Oly you can buy this or sth. similar), so that you can hold it without vest.

2. Buy a setup with a proper vest.

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I got the Hague Minicam and bought it on Axels recommendation. Its not bad and i dont know anything at a similar low price. I had my troubles getting it to work with a rode videomic pro on top. But by now i get alright footage for an unbeatable price. To be honest, most of the time i just shoot from my tripod though. And all of those amateur videos (i consider myself a real amateur with a good eye for asthetics and composition) with all those dollyshots, steadycam shots, weird and unnecassary vertical or diagonal pans, hardcore super duper shallow dept of field and fast zooms, make my eyes really hurt. So much overkill. So i would only use steadycam shots if they fit into the whole picture system. And dolly shots if you include them: please at least 10% as masterful as Tarkovsky (or his outstanding DOP Rerberg). Otherwise they look ridiculous.


@Axel do you use it with OIS lenses? I used it mostly with the panasonic 14mm 2.5 pancake. In the commercials they use it with the kit lens (14-140mms) though which has OIS. So maybe thats why their footage looks so much better? I would like to use it with some old legacy glass, but my lowest focal length is 20mms there, besides they might be too heavy with the adapter. But maybe 20mm ist still be do-able.

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I think my gh2 and slr magic would be too heavy with this steadicam...


Ugh this is difficult. I need something that won't sway and show my footsteps when I walk.. I know it will take time to learn and I am ok with that, I just don't know which one to invest in- to learn on...


The only options right now are either flycam nano or one of the glidecam's, or the blackbird... Any suggestions gh2 users?

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