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  1. Hello all. I recently sent my GH3 in for repairs to the US center in Texas and had some difficulties. Sent it in intially for a hot shoe repair. Got the bill for the repair (camera out of warrenty) and said eff that, I'll just super glue it again. Called to have it sent back unrepaired and that same day came home and it was mailed back to me, hot shoe repaired. But when I got my camera back a lot of the buttons weren't working, so I had to send it back again. Then randomly got it back... again. Not sure what I'm complaining about since I didn't pay anything but still. Has anyone else had problems with getting things repaired with Panasonic? I also had problems with the website in tracking the progress of the repair.
  2. Hello all. I shot my web series using the GH3. Hope you get some laughs from it. New episodes every Tuesday.
  3. I just read about the new sony lens that attch to mobile phones.   I don't know about 4K shooting, but the phone is more convinent that buying a point and shoot especially now that they have attachable lens and apps to edit photos.   I definitely want to see how the quaility is and for video quaility.
  4. I have the opteka version of this. Only being able to use one hand almost killed me one shoot.    Thats the one thing thats bothering me... and the reason I'm going to try and sell it to get a rig where I can use both hands to hold.    BUT I do like you can remove the bottom handle and screw it into the bottom of the camera. 
  5. Loving it.   Played around with the slo-mo when shooting this video. >>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRiWyGE3KIY   The interview footage is a T4i, but the b-roll is pretty much all my GH3.   I still love my Samyang 35mm, but I just got the Voigtlander 25mm so still need to play around with that.   I've used the vibrant setting, but think I might start using a 'flatter' style for shooting from now on.
  6. anyone heard/use the dougmon? is it just me or does this look awesome? >>> http://dougmon.com/
  7. I found the battery grip with the GH3 has really helped me keep stable shots when going completely handheld. Even when using my 85mm, I was able to hold it where the shake was decreased as opposed to when I go handheld/85mm and GH2.
  8. Good lord. I'm doing the set up now and its a lot of effing steps. Go through the manual on the CD get the steps.
  9. Its all in the owners manual. Seems like you need to be apart of Lumix Club >>> http://lumixclub.panasonic.net/
  10. I don't think you can. You can upload from the iphone/ipad to certain websites though.
  11. I like the video. Song choice was good.   I would like to know how you did the effect of the colors shifting and the 'shake' though. I've seen it done before, but don't know the name of the effect to google/youtube tutorials.   Thanks.
  12. pre-ordered from Samy's and got it a couple weeks ago. Think pre-orders from Amazon got theirs too.
  13. I noticed this too. I REALLY don't like this feature, especially when I am recording. And when I'm not using the LCD screen, the display button is in an awkward place to keep re-pushing it for the info to display (for me at least).   Maybe since its a battery issue, the battery grip will help?
  14. I went last year and I know the deal with the emphasis on TV. Know most people on here are filmed based but thought I just put it out there.
  15. [center]Anyone in the DC area going to the expo tomorrow?[/center] [center]If anyone had any questions for the vendors there, I wouldn't mind getting some info.[/center] [center]Exhibitors list >>> http://www.gvexpo.com/conference/exhibitors.php[/center]
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