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  1. I have a a7s and a SMAD-P3 and have asked Sony about this. They said they might make a SMAD-P3 with a 3.5mm input for ch.2. I can see that you would need more advanced audio circuitry to control two different inputs, but you could always hope.
  2. Does anyone happen to have the A7R II and the SMAD-P3 wireless RX adapter? If so do you know if it is possible to use this adapter with the 3.5mm input as channel 2? I don't expect it to be possible since it hasn't with any of the previous cameras. It would be super nice though since it would make a really compact two ch. setup. Thanks!
  3. Another advantage of the manual stills mode is that you can set the custom white balance which you cannot in movie mode. A disadvantage is that you don't see the audio meters until you're recording.
  4. Excellent! Does the little overlay play button still display when you play back footage on a monitor? If it does, is it possible to turn it off? This is annoying if you have to e.g. transfer something prerecorded with live equipment. Also do you know if it is possible to play back all clips continuously? Thanks!
  5. Hi, On the GH3 the hdmi outputs blacks for a second when you hit record and every time you activate the eye sensor on the evf. This causes problems with live equipment from Aviwest I use. Is this fixed on the GH4? My gut says it is fixed since it is built more with external recording in mind. Thanks!
  6. Cool! Have you tested if the Ex.Tele function works with the 50p/50i modes? This worked on the GH2 but was removed from the GH3 for some reason(that Sony sensor perhaps?). Also is the disappearing onscreen info as quick to disappear as on the gh3(10 seconds)? Thanks!
  7. Hi, I have a Wooden Camera Quick Cage for my GH3 which I really like. Now I need an extra tripod plate, but the original ones are quite expensive at $150 + $60 shipping. The Quick Cage is compatible with Arri style dovetail plates, so that is an alternative. I have however only found expensive Arri style dovetail plates, and most of them are longer than I need. So does anyone know of any cheap short Arri dovetail plates? All I really need from it is to have a 3/8 hole for the tripod. Thanks!
  8. Hi, Does anyone know of any Variable NDs with hard stops other than the quite expensive Heilopan? Thanks!
  9. I figured it out! At first I tried the 720 50p and this had the same issue. Only 25p with every frame duplicated in the 50p file. Then I increased the shutter speed and now I get both proper 1080 50i and 720p. It turns out the GM1 isn't able to shoot with a 360 degree shutter like e.g. the GH3 is. When you're at 1/50 sec shutter it reduces the frame rate to 25, where on the GH3 it gets reduced if you go BELOW 1/50 sec. Strange and annoying, but now I know the reason at least. AndersM
  10. I am perfectly aware of the differences between 50p and 50i. I work in broadcasting, that's why I use and need 50i. It might be the case that the 50i is a 25P wrapped, but in the menu when you choose avchd 50i it says "Image sensor output 50p, 17Mbps". See attached picture. This is why I would think it would be proper 1080 50i files like the GH3 for example. Julian: The GH3 has proper 50i in addition to the 25p in 50i wrapper. I think the GH2 too.
  11. Hi, According to the menu on the Panasonic GM1 the avchd 50i setting reads the sensor at 50 fps. The files import as 50i files but the resulting files plays like a 25 fps file. I've checked the files both in fcpx with Blackmagic output, and Avid with a Mojo DX. Can anyone else confirm this? Does it say anywhere that it is not proper 50i? Thanks! AndersM
  12. I would take built in NDs over 4K any day of the week. My job consists of getting the shots of actual happenings with no chance of directing(news). You can't really stop a politician or rescue worker or whoever to screw on an ND.    If this camera takes on the "AG" video name, asking for NDs is not that unreasonable.   I can see that 4K is much better than NDs for marketing, but in my world(and I bet in yours as well) NDs has much more value. Sure the ability to reframe in post is nice, but I don't know how many in the market for this camera will deliver 4K masters...
  13. No ND, no buy.  With dslrs there are two things I HAVE to add every time I shoot video with them; ND and audio workarounds. If they are planning on competing with the Canon C's and FS-700/F5/F55 these two very basic video features are a must. 
  14. "Sony are offering a battery grip style add-on which gives the camera professional XLR audio jacks. Like the one rumoured for the GH3 but never materialising. I haven’t seen any images of this grip in the press releases though, nor any specs."   I think they are just talking about the XLR-K1M adapter already available for the Sony dslrs ect...
  15. Nice review! I've had the GH3 for a few months and a few extra cons for me: - Ex-tele only works with 24/25/30fps modes. If you, like me, deliver to TV and have to shoot in 50/60i/p you don't have the ex-tele mode that worked in GH2. This is really disappointing! - On-display info disappears after 10 seconds. If you shoot an interview and want to keep an eye on the audio levels or other settings you have to hit a button every 10 seconds to have the info displayed. Also after the info has disappeared and you want to change a setting like ISO you have to push the button twice; Once to "wake" up the screen and once to access the setting. I still don't understand this behavior. - I'm not too sure about the build quality... I'm about to return my second GH3. On the first one the hot shoe came off, and the second one I have now shuts down randomly causing lost clips if I'm in record. Both these problems have been reported by others as well. Other than that, great camera! AndersM
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