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  1. there is also reason why Super16 was there, right? different strokes for different folks
  2.   perfectly said! +100000000     i would NOT agree on 3. Look how many great movies were shot on super16, it is not that Super35 or FF is a must for everyone/everything! There is room for m43 imho. Lens line is very well developed apart from one thing - at least one pro(sumer) video-oriented lens. If Pana releases for starters something like Sony 18-105/4 power zoom - that would be awesome.    In any case, I am personally very happy to hear those rumors cos I was quite disappointed by Pana dropping of AF line and by the absence of developments/new products from their side in pro m43 segment. Let's hope they are back to the game. 
  3. I hope they won't abandon m43 for video, that would be a shame. The fact that they mention a Super35 sensor clearly indicates that they want to, at least, cover new grounds. I wonder what mount will it be? Probably PL. Sony use E-mount, PL and FZ, Canon - EF and PL. Both produce some lenses (zooms/primes) for video, Panasonic has started with m43 in AF100/101, but did not really show any intention of developing it for video in terms of lenses. 
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