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On saturday im going to this event with my NX1. Im filming some promotional clips for my friend.

Im letting you to decide what in-camera settings im using and post results here. Using nx 45mm and samyang 12mm lenses with vasile's hack 180mbps.

So make your suggestion below and let see what settings gets most votes!

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The NX1 generally struggles like mad in conditions like these if you try to fuck around with too fancy colours, I speak from experience although that was before the hack so 80mbps it could be different with twice the bitrate on that for all I know I never fully tested it.

I would suggest these settings, I only use in camera colours these days because they are too damn good not to be used even the normal one is a beast.


Normal - Neutral
R1.00 G0.95 B1.00 | 0 Sat | -10 Sharp | 0 Contr | 0 Hue | 16-235 | -15MBL

Alternatively you can try these


Normal - Type 06
R1.00 G0.95 B1.00 | +10 Sat | -10 Sharp | -10 Contr | 0 Hue | 16-235 | -15MBL

I suggest you avoid Vivid or Gamma C indoor because these are way too contrasty unless you got some serious speedy glass on there

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On 31.10.2016 at 8:22 PM, Blah Blah said:

John what's Neutral, no picture profile or standard? Is Type 06 the sixth picture profile?

They are both picture profiles, I have an entire document of various in camera colour settings I just collected over the year. 

I might upload it one day, but right now I am just too damn lazy to put together all those billion videos I filmed with the camera testing out various colour profiles, maybe I will get on doing it this month or maybe next month I dunno there is a nice thread were people talk about the in camera settings here I will link it to you.

Have fun it is quite informative

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