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Out now: FCP X 10.3


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1 hour ago, Axel said:

Not fixed then. I noticed a few months ago that I couldn't map the 'Magic Keyboard' (german version) to FCP X shortcuts (left bracket, right bracket etc. become Umlaute- äöüß). Wrote to Apple, but there is no solution other than buying a traditional keyboard or use FCP X in english.

The translation to german is flawed. In FCP 7, they didn't translate the important stuff like Browser, Viewer, Canvas, Playhead and Timeline. No one knows what the german word for browser would be anyway. In 10.3, it became worse. Originally, they had translated roles ('Rollen' in german) to Funktionen (functions). Because a term of analog film, reel, translates to Rolle as well. Now they call it Funktion in some places, Rolle in others. Very confusing, particularly for newbies.

You are completely right; it's not fixed in reality and Apple won't do anything if at all until the next update that can take months. Let's hope they do something about it.

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17 hours ago, Xavier Plágaro Mussard said:

Programs must be used in english. It's a limit that helps everyone!

Good idea, really. There are more language-related problems I found now. In this regard, 10.3 seems to be hastily cobbled together. For example, there now is a new function to remove attributes (Attribute in german). BUT: in the timeline-index, they changed the old translation for tags (Schlagwörter, the clumsiest translation imaginable, no one ever says Schlagwörter in real life) to Attribute :cookie::anguished::angry::cry:

And if we use FCP X in english, this free iBook-manual helps us. As one comment says, the hyperlinks don't work reliably. But it's a better way to learn about the new features in depth (Wide Color Gamut, Audio Components asf.), much like the old FCS PDF manuals, which explained everything patiently.

I never liked the FCP X online help. Here the links work, but often you find yourself in a link-loop: You can nest several independant clips in a compound clip. > A compound clip is a way to nest several independant clips ...

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Just to let you other FCPX users know, since updating to 10.3 my Log footage ( CLog on XC10 and C100 too i think) has been displaying as totally over exposed. I thought I was doing something wrong in camera but it turns out FCP has been automatically applying Log Processing! I was annoyed but relieved to discover I could use the two days of footage I thought I'd ruined. To turn off log processing go to the info pane of the inspector and choose "settings" view. Then select "none" for log processing. 

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1 hour ago, Axel said:

Never use the built-in luts. You can't color correct the image underneath (the way you could with LUTutility on an adjustment-layer) and bring back the highlights. You can only grade on top of that lut, after it has limited the signal! 

Indeed! I never wanted to use them - in fact I didn't even know they were there! But after I updated to 10.3 the metadata from my cameras saying "shot in Canon Log" started getting read by FCPX and automagically processed. Not what I wanted at all. Particularly as I didn't know it was doing it or where to find the place to turn it off. 

The function of the Log Processing however is not to act as a grading LUT. It does have its uses. It's for editors working with log footage who want to work with a more "realistic" image prior to the grading stage. The processing would always be turned off again prior to being handed off to a colourist.

However I'd ETTR'd all my shots so the built in processor was just blowing everything.

Suffice to say my post was just a warning that Log Processing got turned on automatically for me, so watch out! :)

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