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Sony a6500 limited record time

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I was just saying. I am brand agnostic anyway. I would be definitely stupid defending companies with more financial power than my country, I am sure they do not need me anyway. If a7000 has better ergonomics, menu system, battery life and some refinement, then it may be my next APS-C (and the A9 or A7sIII), but I believe when my NX cameras are not good enough, Canon will be there. We will see, I have a couple more years.

I enjoy, and in peace!

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You know, this might actually be an advantage for me. Shooting in 0° Wisconsin weather? No more overheating, plus a free hand warmer!

To be expected, really. It's just an a6300 with extra heat inducing features.   

"In an interesting update, there's a new menu option which changes when the over-heating warning icon appears: there's Standard or High options, the latter simply allowing the camera to keep operating

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On 10/11/2016 at 6:54 PM, Cubanito said:

the camera offers about 16 minutes of continuous shooting time and, as a new feature for this model, also includes a special power mode designed for tripod recording. As explained by the Sony rep, this mode allows the camera temp to get a little hotter, offering around 29 minutes of uninterrupted recording time.


Hi how can we activate the tripod mode to record longer? 

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