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What about the OM-D ???


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awfully quiet around her when it comes to the Olympus OM-D. I realize that the GH2 and for sure the GH3 will be better for all round video BUT that 5 axis IBIS seems awfully great.

With all manual legacy glass very advanced IS. I seems like steadycam within. That must be a usefull feature to many.

Why so quiet around that release ?

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looks like a nice stills camera but for video - nope.  I can't even shoot 24p.  Sampling from the 60i/30p down to 24p is post production is actually tricky for software and results are rarely the same as shooting native 24p.


$10 says the new Pentax K-01 will shoot better video.

More exciting from Olympus are the new concept (end of 2012 release) 70mm F1.8 and 60mm macro lenses.

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1080i from 30p sensor output at 20Mbit  ???

I won't be buying one because of that alone.

Also the sensor is not that much better than the one in the GH2 or so I have heard. All this is a shame because the design is lovely, but does it offer anything new apart from the great stabilisation and an OLED screen? No I don't think so. And the EVF in the NEX 7 is far better not to mention a better sensor.
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