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  1. Sara

    GH2 lets me down!

    Your memory card is probably a fake or damaged. Where did you get the card from?
  2. [quote author=BurnetRhoades link=topic=712.msg5238#msg5238 date=1336779630] 4K is a waste for most applications.  It's just more and so long as digital release standards aren't much more than JPEG2000 sequences, 12bit or not, I'm not convinced 4K isn't anything but an engineering circle-jerk.  It's porkbelly pixels. [/quote] On that note a group of people I work with all got free tickets to see Hugo in 3D last month on a 2k screen. It was done so well and so sharp that they all told me they LOVED how Huge looked in 4k on the big screen and that the new 4k Alexa was amazing.  Bottom line is that people can't tell the difference unless things are side by side.  And I think Hugo is proof of that.  It looks great and Alexa fans should be proud. Now will Prometheus blow us away with its 4k 3D? Red Epic.
  3. Great interview and excellent topic about sound design. If anyone owns the Aliens Quadrillogy DVD/BluRay pack there is an interesting interview with Elliot Goldenthal on this very topic.  He and director David Fincher wanted a movie score for Aliens 3 that was atmospheric and a blending of the sound effects.  The studio wanted the opposite and felt that the score needed to be separate from the sound effects.  The original idea was that the score was to provide "mood" and enhance existing sounds vs compete with them and or overpower them. Difficult balance and tricky to get right. Wiki: "The film's composer, Elliot Goldenthal, spent a year composing the score by working closely with Fincher to create music based primarily on the surroundings and atmosphere of the film itself. The score was recorded during the Los Angeles riots of 1992, which Goldenthal later claimed contributed to the score's disturbing nature.[19] The choral segment featured in the opening titles, performed by boy soprano, is "Agnus Dei" ("Lamb of God"), from the Catholic Mass, and was included as a reference to the prisoners as lambs being led to the slaughter." The end result wasn't quite was Elliot Goldenthal wanted but it is still enjoy able.
  4. [quote author=sicovdplas link=topic=596.msg4937#msg4937 date=1335923505] People, comon. There are solutions out there for the battery, for example the V-lock batteries for dSLR camera's, these have been around for AGES, there are mounts with dc power out, they have a Powerplug 15-30V out!! For me it's the crop and workflow expansion.. Going from i7 2600k edit suite, with 150GB per shortfilm to atleast 1TB per project, which is insane for me. I hate it to have it not cover run n gun situations, which still made me not pre order it. Also if there is a solution for my contax zeiss lenses, and wide angle with straight distortion, instead of retarded fisheye distortions. [/quote] Shoot prores or dnx.
  5. [quote author=Aleman link=topic=651.msg4815#msg4815 date=1335579920] It is probably very premature to be sure about the type of editing workflows the Blackmagic Cinema will require, from log and transfer to the necessary equipment to have, specially the workflow around Thunderbolt for RAW files on desktop Mac computer alternative. An article about this would be very helpful from the point of view of budgeting. [/quote] lol very premature being that the cameras are not out, the camera processing is still being tweaked, and the software for it is still be worked on by BM. Wait till June/July.
  6. [quote author=shijan link=topic=596.msg4794#msg4794 date=1335551245] one more disadvantage - camera has glossy screen :( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t07XqdHMr0Q&feature=player_embedded#hd=1&hd=1 [/quote] It comes with a snap on hood as seen in this picture.  Problem solved.
  7. [quote author=jindrich link=topic=637.msg4720#msg4720 date=1335412202] In the Movie World NOTHING is certain. Remember the last flop, Disney's John Carter, $250M in production plus another $100M+ for marketing, and Sony is expecting a net loss of $200M. If people dislike 48p (I personally raise hand) this might be another flop. Simple as that. [/quote] I don't agree - The Hobit will get $100 million from LOR fans even if the picture is crap and it will get another $100 million from people "curious" about it and ready to voice their opinions good or bad.  Tack on over sales in various countries and it will break even easily and push beyond with merchandising sales, DVD/BluRay etc. It was a fact (ill try to post a source) that over $250 million dollars (1/4) of the over 1 billion made by Avatar was by consumers "only interested in seeing the 3D effects."  These movie goers didn't care about the movie, what genre, who was in it, they only wanted to see if the 3D was good.  And even if it wasn't, the movie sold a ticket, made some money, and then these people "social networked" about the film and helped Avatar generate more buzz (good or bad). It has been mentioned earlier - and correctly - in this thread that little kids who go and see this movie (and yes like Avatar the Hobitt is so gay it isn't even funny - cheezy story written for kids, Harry Potter Fans, and world of warcraft players) won't give a rats ass about 48fps.  They just won't care.
  8. Sara

    BlackMagic Update

    WOW x100 Again this looks like Alexa footage grabs. Stunning.  Thanks VERY much for the updates.  Not that it matters for me - got my BH preorder in last week. This industry moves so fast but BM really did crush the Bolex and Ikonoskop with this announcement.  If it lives up to half the hype ill be happy.  Going to be nice to leave the digital DSLR look behind with this cam - should be fun!
  9. Sara


    [quote author=FilmMan link=topic=635.msg4689#msg4689 date=1335372468] Hi Sara, I posted the DR number of 12 for the C500 as a comparison to BM.  The BM will have at least 13 stops.  Maybe BM will end up with 14 to 15???   I got in touch with BM yesterday and they have been working their tales off.  In a few weeks there should be some raw footage available.  They don't want to release footage prematurely as they want to show the best product at the time.  People are very judgemental, me included, so I can understand their situation with this new product. [/quote] The more the better - but even if they are able to come close to the 13 they claim it will be incredible for the $3000 asking price. As for Jeff Cronenweth - I actually liked the Dragon Tattoo though parts looked a little video-y and DR was limited at times. 
  10. You are 100% correct.  Can't blame Canon for recycling parts - the sensor is what counts, but the problem is that Canon is falling behind in their sensor tech to other companies.  So Canon is using people like Shane Hurlbutt to pitch their products in a childish way - claiming "it can deliver an image that crushes the F65, Epic, Alexa in one fell swoop." http://www.hurlbutvisuals.com/blog/2012/04/the-next-gen-in-digital-film-capture-canons-4k-1dc/ When you have to resort to over the top bullshit brand bashing like that - you know you have lost the battle. 
  11. Sara


    For $30,000?  Dynamic range can't even beat a Red Scarlet?  And what happens in 6 months when the Dragon upgrades get installed? Uh oh.  And we are still a year away from a C500 launch.  I think Arri, Red, Sony can rest easy - Canon just doesn't get it.  They "want" to play in the high end but this isn't going about it right. What is with Canon and making sensors that HAVE HORRIBLE dynamic range vs their competition.  4 years after the release of the MK2, the MK3 gains almost NO dynamic range increase for video or stills: http://tiny.cc/gtzadw [b]"This means that the manufacturer has made very little progress since the appearance of the 1Ds Mark III and the 1D Mark IV."[/b] http://tiny.cc/pvzadw (horrible Canon Mk3 photo results) Something is wrong with Canon.  Users are not asking for slightly rehashed versions of old cameras with an INCREASED price. Thanks for the update.
  12. Is part of the reason thunderbolt is included is to monitor from laptops?  More and more laptops will have this connection.  Not portable but it is a very accurate and customizable and upgradable.  Laptop stands, even those connecting to a tripod are cheap.
  13. [quote author=jcs link=topic=611.msg4402#msg4402 date=1334888813] The colors look fine, however in another thread with the same image I observed block artifacts on the hands. Folks are stating this camera is a game changer; perhaps best to compare with other cameras on the same material at the same time (same conditions). Skin tones look pretty good for one of the 'crushee's', the 5D3: https://vimeo.com/39237997 https://vimeo.com/40117480 I too would prefer more detail for for the 5D3, however for up-close, skin tones, etc., it works pretty well. [/quote] Thanks for sharing the samples.  Opinions will differ on skin tone I guess, but to me those are good for a Canon 5D but still waxy / videoish / and very cheap looking.  I watched them on an Eizo ColorEdge CG245W. https://vimeo.com/29708051 - pretty much proved to the world that Canon 7D, 5D, MK4 are not capable of rendering pleasing film-like skin tone.  Or watch Act of Valor - horrible skin tone.  But the directors "wanted" a cheap "video game" feel to the movie so for Act of Valor it worked (i guess). Just depends on what you want.  But skin tone is very subjective.
  14. [quote author=BurnetRhoades link=topic=596.msg4404#msg4404 date=1334890841] [quote author=John Twigt link=topic=596.msg4368#msg4368 date=1334864547] No HDMI for EVF [/quote] This isn't really a negative.  HDMI has no business in the field.  It's a terrible hardware design.  Mini-HDMI even worse.  Never again. [/quote] So true.  So very very true.
  15. Lol do NOT edit the frame grab I posted.  It was a Windows snapshot of the compressed 720p video running on my laptop.  It was only ment to preview what video I linked to.  Sorry for any confusion.  We are still waiting for actual dng files. I still think the actual video looks great.  If anyone can show me a vimeo skintone sample from a dslr that looks as good I would love to see it.  Sure the red, alexa, and Sony f3 will smoke this BM device.  But they are not $3k.
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