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  1. . It's become quite a different product since it's launch now... [/quote] Yeahh its very odd, it seems that a lot of the neede features are now back. Maybe so many have said goodbye to the product that they dont even bother anymore. Its sad. I am a big Mac fan, this release is propably the biggest release/marketing mistake I have ever seen. This whole case and product has been handled so unprofessional by Apple, I actually didnt think they where capable of such amateurism. I was wrong. Anyhow great that the features are back, i will have a look. Jakob
  2. awfully quiet around her when it comes to the Olympus OM-D. I realize that the GH2 and for sure the GH3 will be better for all round video BUT that 5 axis IBIS seems awfully great. With all manual legacy glass very advanced IS. I seems like steadycam within. That must be a usefull feature to many. Why so quiet around that release ? Jakob
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