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Text and photo software for pitches

Michael Coffee

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Hi everyone, does anybody know of a good/easy to use software for making music video pitches like these ones?



Something where its easy to resize and place photos etc, and simple enough to use without having to feel like a pro graphic designer? Drag and drop, or easy to use templates?




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are you using a mac or a pc? ipad/tablet? you prolly already have software thatll work fine, not quite as simple as drag and drop, although Pages on a mac is pretty close

anyway, this stuff is super simple. i bet if you tried using ~any~ word processing app you could do this just fine... its just some text and photos! dont be intimidated i promise its super simple



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There is storyboard specific software, but as mentioned pages or word works fine. You could create a custom template (or just modify an existing one) with photo and text boxes, so when you drag images they resize to fit the box automatically.

Edit - a quick google search shows others have already done the work, find your favorite and bust a move.


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1 minute ago, Michael Coffee said:

Getting there with ms word - thanks for the suggestions! I bet after messing around for hours on the pc with word, it will take about 5 minutes on the mac :)

As a designer, I've actually been surprised quite a few times by non-techy creatives and business people making really good looking stuff - and quickly - with Keynote. It's excellent for presentations and presenting ideas.

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I usually build stuff like this in Photoshop. This is not a music video pitch but it follows a similar layout. It's the 2-page "sell sheet" I made that was used to pitch Down and Dangerous (my microbudget crime drama) to cable and satellite VOD providers across the US & Canada, as well as, Paramount Pictures for international distribution. Fortunately, we happened to have the type of movie they were looking for, but I'm sure this didn't hurt. Anyway... I find Photoshop makes this sort of thing pretty easy to create, and revise, and revise, and revise... :)



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