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Who made this lens?


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2 hours ago, Flynn said:

So which one do you prefer and why? 

Zeiss's coating looks like more purple and Moller more yellow.  No preference to me.  They all have good flare.

2 hours ago, Flynn said:

Are these lenses really rare? I've only come across a brief clip of the Moller and nothing with the Zeiss.

May be not very rare.  Need to use keyword "anamorphot" to find it.   I just bought it.  http://www.ebay.com/itm/401180992655 

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7 hours ago, Manikk said:

D'you have any test shots up? Also what setup /clamps would you use on it? Thanks.

Some one ask about these.   So I just took some picture with 16H for comparison.

Rear mount thread is the same as 16h lens----50mm.   Size and weight comparison, see pictures.

Roughly tested, with 85mm taking lens has obvious vignette on FF camera.   I think it needs 100mm or above at least.





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1 hour ago, dahlfors said:

Looks good. Do you have any stills or footage shot wide open at f/2?

Considering the vignetting, is 100mm the widest you can go with full frame?

Last two are at f/2.

Maybe.  But 16:9 for video should be a little bit better.

Two more f/2 here, shown different focus point.



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