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News Leak: Zoom F4 with six inputs and eight tracks (is like a new low priced Zoom F8!)

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7 hours ago, Ty Harper said:

@IronFilm I've seen a few comments on forums from people who accidentally fried their F4 after mistakenly running phantom power into the outs. Any safety devices that can be inserted into the out to ensure a costly mistake like that never happens?

If you're never hardwiring yourself to a camera, then you've got nothing to worry about.  Otherwise, use a phantom blocker. ( I never have, as when I used my F4 I was only rarely hardwired and when I was I just simply took care with what I was doing)

3 hours ago, Ty Harper said:

Thanks a lot. I knew I'd seen a solution somewhere but forgot what it was called. I see that Sescom's got a similar blocker for sale at a much cheaper price point. Does anyone know what the difference between the two might be?


They should do the same job, but the Triton Audio is smaller. 

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Ty Harper, the H4n had shit shit pre amps. But the H5/H6 pre amps are a leap forward.   And the F8 preamps are better than anything Zoom has ever made before! And the F4 pre amps are th

My blog post on this news: http://ironfilm.co.nz/news-leak-zoom-f4-with-six-inputs-and-eight-tracks-is-like-a-new-low-priced-zoom-f8/ (some of it repeated below) News got leaked accidentally

I know the Zoom line has pretty much become the go-to recorder for prosumers, and even a lot of pros, but the preamps on these units have always been disappointing imho. Then again I'm looking at capt

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