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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is the highest paid actor


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Yeah, if I was going to rate an actor for their acting chops, I wouldn't rate them from their worst movies.

If I was to rate Robert Downey Jr., I would rate him using Tropic Thunder and Chaplin.

The Rock, the only movie he was good in is "Be Cool" - he played a Gay Hit Man - funny shit though.

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you guysll be happy to know that there is talk of the rock wrestling vin diesel at next years wrestlemania. for real

and guess what else... hes gonna be a governor or even president one day. hes been talking about it for years. again – for real. arnold schwarzenegger was governor of california

i predicted his success as an actor a loooong time ago so mark my words. and he deserves to make the most money in hollywood – hes the biggest draw, biggest name, puts asses in seats, kills it on social media, hes the hardest working guy in show business

that has nothing to do with the fact that hollywood is at an all time low in terms of serious content creation, but dont blame dwayne for his success in the world we share. hes all over the moment we live in

also the rock is a god hes a man and a half. hes HUGE. hes super athletic, he has more charisma in his little finger than most of these guys have in their entire bodies

and now john cenas getting over in hollywood and with audiences as an actor thanks to some huge behind the scenes push.... i can only dream of having agents like that. and cena will do it... he'll become a movie star. at one time i said no (hes tried this before to a lesser degree) but audiences like him now

but cenas no rock. of course, you guys already know that


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