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Canon 5d Mark IV press release and specs!


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6 hours ago, IronFilm said:


"Canon has designed a DSLR that does what 80-90% of the market needs. I’ve said this before until i’m blue in the face too: Not everyone needs 4k! 4k video is still such a small hunk of the market. Growing but Canon’s growing into that market too"

Wow, he basically outright admits the 5Dmk4 is **NOT** a 4K camera! Ha

Fair enough,  I could probably agree with that as an honest assessment of the 5Dmk4. But that is not what Canon is trying to spin it as! And as a camera that will have 4+ years on the marketplace as one of their leading products, that is a very sad situation by Canon.

If indeed Canon did a camera for 80-90% of the Market and that not everybody needs for 4K, why did they put 4K in this camera in the first place and botch it in a way that make them look so bad?

Why didn't they work on offering an amazing HD Capable Camera tailored for people who really used this kind of camera the way that Canon think they do? the MKII had HD because at this time Canon wanted to give part of its target (Journalists) a camera capable to not only be used to shoot pictures at Events, Press Conf and so on, but also a Camera capable to grab videos that can be later be used on the Web or TV.

It would have made SO MUCH sense for them to stick with HD and bring a AMAZING HD Capable camera than this non-sense of MJPEG 4K monstrosity. NO one in the field have time to waste to transcode MJPEG to send to their HQ when covering an event. Some of us would not liked it, but at least it would have make sense and we could at least respect their choice because of this argument : The 5D MKIV is not a video camera, this is a Pro oriented DLSR matching today's needs when it comes to provide ready to use HD Video to broadcast and not for filmmakers (Please have a look at our EOS C line for film and other documentaries). 

As for the section saying that Not everyone needs 4K, I strongly disagree and this at many levels. 

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