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!!! Do Not Trust Ebrahim Saawadi !!!

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Alright, many members of the forum kept up with the charades that happened with Ebrahim Saawadi (one of the highest contributors on EOSHD) on this link:

It was an extensive mystery case involving a scam that 3 members (myself included) paid for a SLR Magic Rangefinder for a cheap price, from a "trusted" member. He took approximately $250 each from Timotheus and Tomas, and $340 from myself for the item. Long story short, he got away without paying anyone their money back. He eventually sent the rangefinder to Tim and Tom, which turned out to be a test type (that had unusual thread sizes" that wouldn't work on most DSLR's as the original does.

We got scammed. Just a friendly reminder that even "trusted" members can still be criminals trying to rip you off.  Be aware of the many profiles and personas that Ebrahim Saawadi has on this forum, and more importantly, DO NOT TRUST HIM!

Here are two different profiles that I am aware of:

Stay alert folks, and learn from my mistake. 

P.S. Thank you all forum members that participated in the most interesting posts I have seen on this forum. Especially those trying to help make things right between those involved.

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