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  1. I was curious if anyone has successfully created a single bodied housing for their anamorphic setup? I would imagine 3D printing would be the easiest, but if someone used a fabricator to create a housing for their taking lens, anamorphic, clamps and singular follow focus.
  2. It's definitely past the timeframe that I gave ES to repay me and he is not responding to any of my messages. I emailed the school of Dentistry about what happened, and have contacted his brother. So far nothing. I would recommend contacting 5D to warn them. He even recently posted about buying a new rig soon, probably from the money from all the EOSHD guys http://www.canonrumors.com/forum/index.php?topic=30545.msg615042#msg615042
  3. Alright, many members of the forum kept up with the charades that happened with Ebrahim Saawadi (one of the highest contributors on EOSHD) on this link: It was an extensive mystery case involving a scam that 3 members (myself included) paid for a SLR Magic Rangefinder for a cheap price, from a "trusted" member. He took approximately $250 each from Timotheus and Tomas, and $340 from myself for the item. Long story short, he got away without paying anyone their money back. He eventually sent the rangefinder to Tim and Tom, which turned out to be a test type (that had unusual thread sizes" that wouldn't work on most DSLR's as the original does. We got scammed. Just a friendly reminder that even "trusted" members can still be criminals trying to rip you off. Be aware of the many profiles and personas that Ebrahim Saawadi has on this forum, and more importantly, DO NOT TRUST HIM! Here are two different profiles that I am aware of: http://www.eoshd.com/comments/profile/33816-ebrahim-saadawi/ http://www.eoshd.com/comments/profile/20775-ebrahim-saadawi/ Stay alert folks, and learn from my mistake. P.S. Thank you all forum members that participated in the most interesting posts I have seen on this forum. Especially those trying to help make things right between those involved.
  4. Nope. He hasn't paid me in the agreed time frame (which was more than enough), and he isn't responding to my emails now. Keeping you informed, Ebrahim has not paid me in the agreed amount of time (1 month). He is now not responding to emails, and I doubt he is going to comment on this post again. I guess he made off with about $850 USD. and really tried everything to get out of repaying people.
  5. As we near the end of the timeframe of agreed upon payments, I keep getting the same responses from Ebrahim that I received when I was supposed to get the Rangefinder. It's a lot of, "WU was closed today...tomorrow I swear", then I don't hear anything for a couple of days. I expected this. He has a couple more days to actually send me the money, which doesn't look like that's going to happen, or at least all of the money. Just keeping Andy posted.
  6. J89drummond@gmail.com I've emailed the info you previously gave me, but no response from that as well. Also, you've created a new account, so you could have just messaged me from this one.
  7. True, but WHEN that happens, then I'll let you guys do your thing. PATIENCE PEOPLE!!!
  8. Guys... calm down. I am sorting some stuff out with E.S. Yes, I am unsure if I will actually get my money. We can AT LEAST give him a day to send the RF to Tim and Thomas. As for myself, I can wait a couple days to receive a payment. If I don't, I already have my legal documents together with all of his information/scanned ID, written confession, and handwritten confirmation. I will take it to the authorities if he tries to keep my money.
  9. EOSHD peeps: I have sorted out some payment issues with Ebrahim Saawadi, and the other guys came to an agreement. This was one hell of a thread folks. Lots of mystery and confusion, and a lot of creative stories. I hope I get my money back as soon as possible. I have a hand written letter confirming that he will, in fact, pay me what he owns me. We can drop it. Everyone will get their payments, and E.S. owned up to the dilemma. That's it. What a crazy thread.
  10. From what I've read, I believe the same thing. Just Jr.
  11. hahah true. I've had a few moments here and there to gander at it. Trying to get caught up. This shit blew up way more than I thought it would. On FB, it was only 15 people who responded. This is a little bigger. Thanks for clarifying.
  12. Very true. I mean, I have addresses and numbers that I had to fill out in order to send him money, but we all know from scams that they could be fake.
  13. What's makes this hard is that I am trying to sort some stuff out with my bank. I'm glad this forum existed because it helped in some of the paperwork I am going to have to do in order to get my money back. Good news: We got a confession. Bad news: Not really. The point is that multiple people (BOTH Ebrahim Saawadi Sr. and Jr.) are using the account. Proving the 'right' one is going to be difficult. Also, it was typed out in a post, not a signed document. I am going to through the process to try to get my stuff back, but we will see if that happens. PS: Even though this sucks for me, and I am out $340, it was cool to see this Sherlock Holmes mini drama take place. Thanks for the critique and analysis of everything guys.
  14. Yeah, I mean, I know there is a big time difference between Egypt and New York, but he hasn't reached out to me. I am talking to Tim and Thomas, and I think they are getting some things straightened out, but I unfortunately am left in the dark. I don't believe he is going to pay them back, and I don't think I am even going to get a message back. I think he is just trying to smooth things over, but we will see if he delivers.
  15. Whelp.... I just got to this... sucks for me because he isn't sending shit to me or talking to me.
  16. Just curious if I am getting overlooked. I have sent you emails, and responses through the messenger here, and you have not responded to any of them. Of course! Maybe one day I'll sit down and send you a pretty video.
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBfjnHyVtUA&feature=youtu.be
  18. Also, lots of people are questioning the validity of the people who got scammed. If you are one of those people (mainly on pg. 9), pm me and I'd be glad to share with you some of the discussions that I have had with Saadawi to prove it.
  19. Also, for the others that got scammed, this is great and all, but I emailed him a week ago, no response and his profile picture on gmail, is jr. I haven't heard a thing from him, and I don't expect money back which sucks.
  20. Hey guys, I too got hit with this... and now I'm down $340 ($300 for the rangefinder and $40 for shipping). Ultimately it was my fault, everything screamed SCAM to me, but I put faith in Saawadi being the highest contributor to this forum and me being a newbie. Western Union and money to Egypt to a person I have never met was a huge red flag, but he was extremely charismatic in his writing and seemed generally able to help me. He also went through the process by taking pictures to make it seem legit. I was banking on getting the rangefinder to shoot my first shot anamorphic, and this would have helped with singular focus, but I guess I have to pull focus with both taking and anamorphic if I still want to make it work. For some reason, I assumed this forum would be relatively safe by the sheer nature of a group of people trying to attach weird lenses to dslr's and production cameras. But, all in all, there are shitty people everywhere and this should be a lesson (definitely was for me) to NEVER put trust in someone you have never met. I told a few people that were messaging me on the FB page that you aren't going to see your money back... neither am I. It's gone and he's a dick who scammed us. It sucks, but there isn't much we can do about it.
  21. I too fell victim to this scam. I'm so pissed. All I wanted was a singular focus and "Dr. Ebrahim Saawadi" screwed up my hopes and dreams. For being a new member of the community I put faith in someone that was the "highest ranking member of EOSHD". Whelp, I'm down a bunch of money and can't make pretty videos. My loss...
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