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G7 Internal Recording + HDMI out?


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thats why I got hired for the movie!!   I come from a pop video background for 20 years ,I always shoot with gels on my lights , the Director wanted a very modern bold stylised use of colour , he

Time ! thats why , shooting multi cam saves time and money and lets you get alot more setups done per day , I had 6 x G7's rigged up on Gini Rigs that I custom made , I had 2 rigs with Nikon 80-2

no you cant do both at once , its either or !!  I have brought this up at meetings with Panasonic as we all would like this feature , the G7 will not do this, I just shot a feature film with 6 x Panas

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On 7/7/2016 at 7:33 AM, itsjustrobbieok said:

Is there any workaround to record video internally AND use the HDMI out?  I understand from some googling that as standard the screen goes blank as soon as you hit record?

I'm watching for the answer too.  It would be very disappointing if such a great camera and external monitor won't work together.

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