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Narrative VR filmmaking

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On Monday, May 23, 2016 at 7:22 PM, Jimmy said:


Thanks for the input... what are you thinking will be a fairly future proof resolution? (Once stitched).... I'm thinking high quality 8k x 4x as bare minumum, but that bring a lot of pitfalls and headaches. The Facebook rig has been the best looking footage I've found, so far... 

If GH5 is 6k ... they could make a great rig.

Future proof??? That is a risky/tough ask...  is ANYTHING really future proof???

At a bare minumum for something to hold up for the next few years I'd say at least 8K 60fps.

But really now this area of technology is moving so fast that I reckon just do whatever is good value and meets the clients' demands for right now. In many cases I reckon 4K 60fps output can do that for the next year or two.

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2 hours ago, enny said:

that was really gay i was more entertained and scared with normal trailer

Why do I get the feeling you didn't watch that in VR? You just watched on phone or moved the video with your mouse, right?

1 hour ago, IronFilm said:

Future proof??? That is a risky/tough ask...  is ANYTHING really future proof???

That's why I used the word "fairly".... clearly no one knows for sure.

7 hours ago, gh2sound said:

Currently working with BBC on audio integration for VR - they're taking it very seriously especially nature programming.

I saw on the program "Click" their binaural microphone and recording studio.... very clever stuff!

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