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hybrid camera. bolex+1, pocket+1, 5dIII, 6d, a6000+1,g7? Help


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Hey Guys. So, I need to buy a camera. I had both my gh2 and 7d stolen and have been since december renting/borowing cameras. I have read thousands forum review etc but stil strugling since I realize deciding the camera(s?) I need also is a decision on what I want/need to shoot.  I want to spend at around maximum 1500, maybe only 400 and wait or up to 2000 if I feel is the perfect choice. 

I have shot more weddings than I wanted to, some art experimental work with theather, gigs few corporatives and one independent doc. I bought the gh2 thinking of narrative work and doc and have done only one and maybe some experimental that made me happy. That's my fault.  

my purposes are several but on the next months I will start shooting a doc inside a small prison(static observative,4k cropping low light, and F. Wiseman style) also want to jump on small webdocs journalism shoot a short film (indoor light) and an outdoor dock about fisherman - handheld.  I see the g7 on the prison doc, any canon or a6000 for the webdoc(the platform already uses this cameras) and the bolex for both the short and the outdoor doc. trying to split what I need/want ideally: 

1. So I need/want a camera that can shoot narrative work and also serious docs with beautiful skin tones and colours.  I would go for a Bolex d16 here. I can buy a used one for maybe 2000, 2500 bucks. another option more convient for run n gun  serious doc is the pocket. 5dmarkIII...Altough I have loved my gh2 ( I always wanted to like panny more than I actually do) I don't think I would want to use the g7 with proper lighting setup for narrative. people skins get blocky and no color graduations..

2. I have ocassionaly shot gigs musical clips and corporative work. The panasonic g7 would be perfect for that, since the 4k plays a nice role here, but I actually want to get out of this world as much as I can but I know I will  eventually need to shoot something comercial and it would be good to have something trusty by my side. bolex with raw files is no good. pocket is maybe doable. sony a6000 not sure.. canons doable but not great.

3. A camera to shoot (non ML 7d quality) webjounalism. and good photojournalism. basically any 8bit camera would do here but I am not convinced  g7 would not be up there with for the stills( yes I have seen thousand of good photos, and was sometimes happy with my gh2 20mm1.7 combo. Bu I am always blown when I see FF photos, a7 or 6d. a6000 is a huge step bot also not up there.  Sony a7 maybe best option here. ( have several zuiko takumar lenses that would be great to use on a full frame or maybe apsc (a600) for photos. em5II not enought for photos IMNSHO.

a6300 was my hope for all of the above but bad 1080 RS, and after seeing so may sony footage I realized I dig it for doc stuff but it is not really what I want. So I realize I will maybe buy more than one camera. maybe a used pocket and used g7( and forget outstanding stills), maybe wait till mark III drops. maybe only bolex and rent/borow cameras for small jobs... maybe a6000 and pocket... maybe 6d ( is the ML any good? ) 

I have a panny 20mm 1.7 a sigma apsc 18-50 2.8 a tokina 11-16mm (canon) several vintage glasses zuiko, takumar helios, jupiter 9,8  konica 40mm1.8, and I also usually work with my brother who owns a 5dII 70-200  -2.8 , 16-35mm 2.8 and other L glasse that we would use on bigger projects. I am fine with only on good AF glass for still and mostly use MF ( that is I would buy a 24mm 1.8 for sony or sigmas) no need for canon cameras, no need for panny ( maybe a 45mm 1.8 zuiko) for bolex I would one old c mount lens for the pocker no need for lenses maybe a speedbooster. 

it is worth mentioning that where I live it's relevant for purposes 2 and 3 camera brands. Most people - on that kind of jobs - work with canon, very few with the pocket and sony. And while with the gh2 I was out of several cooperative jobs because of that or borrowed some up until when I bought my now gone 7d. 

Sorry for the extensive writing. I have really digging my grave spending so much time since december reading forums. give me some good insights, please!

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well, I guess it was too long. to make it short:

Have no camera. Had a gh2 and 7d. 

I need to buy a camera, or more than one for several purposes and would like some opinion. 

1. a Camera to shoot narrative work and doc. Ideally the bolex or the pocket cam

2. a camera to shoot web journalism ( 7D quality, so not great) and great photos ( no need of AF), at least a6000 quality. 

3. a camera I can eventually rely to shot gigs and corporative work. g7, pocket, a6000.. ? 

I would of course love to have only one camera. but I am leaning towards buying the bolex, borrow canons for the other jobs and waiting for either the fuji xt2 or maybe the small to come gm7 ( small 4k.. ) 

what camera would you guys buy, or what downsides you experienced with some of these cameras? any opinions would be appreciated... thanks!


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I think Andrew draws a fair conclusion in his latest article...


First conclusion is the low light and how detailed the 4K image is from the A6300. For $1k the A6300 is the best low light camera available by quite a margin. The GH4, G7 and NX1 are really ISO 400 to 800 cameras then it is all down hill with 1600 being the maximum I usually go to on those. If it’s only 1080p you need then the Nikon D5500 and D7200 are good up to ISO 3200, 6400 at a pinch.

I'd consider those options. G7 and NX1 if you need 4K. Nikon D5500 and D7200 for hybrid shooting, decent lowlight and great stills capability. My 2cts. I'd forget about the Canons, dBolex and Sony cams. But that's just one guy's opinion.

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

I'd suggest a D7200 for awesome stills and great HD video or GH4 for 4K res. but lower-end stills. Both will do the job very well, as will the Canon 80D, 

I am suggesting these because you want a stills camera and coming from an SLR photography 7D experience. 

You can shoot great narrative work on D7200/7Dii/80d and shoot great stills and do corporate gigs. 

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If you are only looking at one camera for stills/video then you will have to make a number of compromises so its a matter of you weighing up your priorities and must-have's.  But if you want great colour, skin tones etc and are happy to work around minor quirks then I would go for the digital bolex, and get something else for stills.  Thats what I did and no regrets so far, I usually take my Ricoh GR along for stills.

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