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Monitor 4K less than 1000€

Xavier Plagaro Mussard

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The Dell P2715Q 27" Ultra HD 4K Monitor is a nice monitor.  99% RGB, 10 bit IPS panel with a matte finish screen.  I got one on eBay for $375 used as they have been out a while. They sell for about $499 new.  Anyways,  I am very happy with the way it reproduces color.  27" is a little small for reading the text in Resolve when running the monitor at 4k - doable but not always easy especially at the end of an editing session.  With Premier it was easier to read the menus.  If you can get a 30" with the features you want for your budget, I would stronghly consider it.

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Thanks to both! I have eyed the Dell, I can't have a big monitor, unless I changed all my workspace.  

Maybe I will wait for new monitors to come out. HDMI 2.0 and wide-gamut are important if I want to keep the monitor for many years!

Perhaps really better wait a bit and get a 32" TV instead of a 27" monitor. Seeing how all that new stuff with 10Bit color comes out just now, prices will probably adjust downwards rapidly in 2016-2017.

I've considered getting another screen via Decklink card for Davinci Resolve (because their multi screen functionality is bad for "home users") but seeing how all the new Samsung SUHD and what the new TVs with 10bit panels, HDR functions, etc. are called are just only coming out I've decided to probably postpone by a year. I'm using a 27" Dell U2711 Ultrasharp as my GUI monitor (2560x1440 pixel IPS-panel, wide gamut, calibrated) and have to agree, if the resolution would be 4k I'd want probably more than 27".

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