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Blackmagic Cinema Camera gets a rival - Dan Chung shows us the KINERAW MINI

Andrew Reid

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Kinefinity.com (sm) says they are still planning the S8 model, production has been held off so they may be able to produce one that is free of jell-o and skew issues so that it can be used handheld like a Super8 format camera, at least that is what I have been talking with them about, I'm still shooting lens tests with the KineRAW-S8p (tm) using 2/3" and 1/2" megapixel lenses as well as R16mm and S8mm lenses, I have yet to test the 8mm D mount lenses for the high speed modes, it goes to 220fps. If you are interested in the Super8 format with its light weight lenses you can tell them, so far the Schnieder R16mm lenses seem to work best, but the 5mm Computar-Ganz f/1.4 3MP lens and the 3.5mm Kowa f/2.4 megapixel lens work best, of the S8 lenses the Angenieux C mount 6mm to 80mm f/1.2 seems to cover the sensor in 2592x1104 wide screen mode that is maybe a bit larger than S8 film width.

. 4k is quickly growing.... promoting formats for non orthodox modern day lenses is ridiculous.
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