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Canon discontinues 5d mkII The camera that started the DSRL video revolution

andy lee

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BYE BYE 5D mkII ..........


Today we bid a fond farewell to one of the most influential DSLRs ever made — the Canon 5D Mark II. CanonRumors points out that the camera has been moved to the "old products" page on Canon’s Japanese site, and the body is no longer available to purchase from the company’s US store.

Nikon might have got there first, but the D90 wasn’t in the same league when it came to shooting serious video

The Mark II’s full-frame sensor and 1080p video mode single-handedly established DSLR video as a viable option for filmmakers, giving them access to low-light sensitivity and shallow depth of field that were out of reach of even the best camcorders of the day. Nikon’s cropped sensor D90 was the first DSLR to shoot video, but couldn’t hope to compete with the Mark II’s full HD resolution or maximum ISO setting of 12,800. Nikon might have got there first, but the D90 wasn’t in the same league when it came to shooting serious video, although to its credit, the D90 was a fraction of the price. At the time, DPReview wrote of Canon’s camera, "there is nothing in this price range, or even 4 times this price range for that matter that can come close to the creative possibilities offered by the 5D Mark II." The subsequent explosion of high-quality digital video was a direct result, and the cheap, powerful camera quickly found markets everywhere from documentary filmmmaking, to music video and commercial production, to network television, to Hollywood films.

Sure, the Mark II has been pushed aside by the superior Mark III, and Canon’s video ambitions now lie further upmarket, but even now, the Mark II remains in demand thanks to its low (and falling) price and access to Canon’s deep EF lens library. As we reflect on just how far digital video has come in the past four years, let’s take another look at Reverie, a promotional video that Canon commissioned from acclaimed photographer (and critic of high frame rates) Vincent Laforet back when the Mark II first arrived.

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Pretty soon it's going to be time to pick up a used one. The price is bound to plummet after today.... At least I hope.  Say what you will about that camera, I think it's still a viable option considering what else is out there in the full frame DSLR market. I think it could be handy to have as an extra camera for specific things where the GH1, 2 or 3 might not work as well. Mainly, Low-light and ultra shallow DOF.


Okay... Looking on Amazon, you can get a used body for as low as $1300!... If it comes down any more then that, I'll be forced to buy one. ;-)

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"And the 6D is? a 5D MK II sensor + some other fluff off the T2i, T3i, T4i range?"

Not really, apparently the 6D beats the 5D3 in low light, so I wouldnt say it's the same sensor as the 5D2. It's not as good for video as the 5D3 though.

It's also not built like a tank as the 5D2 & 5D3 are.

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