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I got my Video on ESPN Sportscenter! #1 in Top 10 other night


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Hey, this ended up on ESPN Sportscenter Top 10 on Thursday night, as the #1 video, and was played on a bunch of ESPN shows on Friday.  I shot it Wed. night.  I shoot video for fun of the Jacksonville College games and this is Daniel Skinner putting down a crazy dunk from almost the free throw line.  They were playing Tyler Junior College in Tyler, TX.


I know it's not great footage, but guess I at least managed to get the shot.  I was shooting with my GH2 and the 14-140 lens.  I think I had the ISO at 1250.  Not sure I was messing around with it at different times.  Pretty cool to get it on there and the guys on the team are getting a real kick out of it.  Kind of getting crazy as it seems to be going viral.






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saw this today..they were discussing if it makes mj's dunk look meaningless. the guys (i forget what show it is, but that dude and his dad) were saying there are more props deserved for the guy who took the charge..at least i think that's what they were saying. it was at work and the tv's are muted (restaurant)


i wrestled, so i don't know who is fouling who, but the dunk is insane. sick you got it captured; with a gh2 nonetheless

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Thanks.  Yeah, the shows were funny...  I don't know if I caught it on everything that it might have come on of the ESPN channels, but besides Sportscenter it also came on Highlight Express.  The show you were talking about maybe is, The Numbers Don't Lie, where they were saying that was like 15 feet and compared it to Jordan.  One guy didn't think so, but the announcer thought it was better even since it was in a game and he was going through a defender.  Jalen Rose was also on that show.  The guy and I guess  it is his Dad is the "Dan Le Batard is Highly Questionable" show.  They had a really funny segment on it about the guys groin being up in the defenders face.  That was pretty cool.


It was called a charge by the ref, but almost everyone agrees that watched it in slow-mo that the defender is clearly moving back and should have been a blocking call and not a charge..  That's typical of the ref calls around here though.


I was disappointed with the video quality on ESPN.  It looked very low resolution and worse than my Youtube video.  I asked the ESPN desk agent about it today and he said that they just pull it straight off the web in their edit room.  For some reason I had guessed that they would have some method that kept the video at the full level available on Youtube..Guess not.  They never asked me to send the video at the time of the request.  So, I sent him the file raw file later and he thanked me saying that they might run it many more times perhaps in the coming weeks/months and that now the video would look like the original.


It was also on some local TV channels and is really going viral now with various blogs linking to it.  The guys on the team are getting a real kick out of it, so I really like that.

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