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  1. I feel like the Brighton pier samples were probably very degraded by the rainy weather conditions.  Seems like it would be hard to get sharp detailed images shooting through perhaps fog and rain.  So, don't think it is a very good example to compare resolution differences..
  2. Thanks.  Yeah, the shows were funny...  I don't know if I caught it on everything that it might have come on of the ESPN channels, but besides Sportscenter it also came on Highlight Express.  The show you were talking about maybe is, The Numbers Don't Lie, where they were saying that was like 15 feet and compared it to Jordan.  One guy didn't think so, but the announcer thought it was better even since it was in a game and he was going through a defender.  Jalen Rose was also on that show.  The guy and I guess  it is his Dad is the "Dan Le Batard is Highly Qu
  3. Hey, this ended up on ESPN Sportscenter Top 10 on Thursday night, as the #1 video, and was played on a bunch of ESPN shows on Friday.  I shot it Wed. night.  I shoot video for fun of the Jacksonville College games and this is Daniel Skinner putting down a crazy dunk from almost the free throw line.  They were playing Tyler Junior College in Tyler, TX.   I know it's not great footage, but guess I at least managed to get the shot.  I was shooting with my GH2 and the 14-140 lens.  I think I had the ISO at 1250.  Not sure I was messing around with it at different
  4. I was kind of surprised by some of the comments by Shane on his blog that the c300 still looked like video and that he didn't really like it.  Now he's the pro and I guess has developed a love of the Alexa look and that is fine.  I really like the colors better in the c300 myself and it seemed to have a lot higher resolution.  Now, I can see where high resolution is perhaps giving the "video" look maybe.  I think I would rather start with high resolution and tone it down in post if you want to.  Lower resolution is probably more flattering on actors
  5. Wow, didn't know you used 32-40mb for your video encodes.  I use Media Encoder also, but have only been setting my encodes at 6-9mb, 2 pass vbr...  Guess maybe I'm losing quality?  That is the range they have seemed to suggest uploading though..  I know at times I've thought Vimeo to be soft and mushy compared to my original, so perhaps that's it. I have been using 6-9mb, 2 pass vbr. I have maximum render depth checked and also have maximum render quality checked.  Not sure if those should be or if they just take extra time for no reason? So,
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