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Ikonoskop A-Cam dll vs Blackmagic Cinema Camera - first impressions

Andrew Reid

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Did you also shoot a short film (narrative) with the Ikonoskop?


If so, would love to see it! This cam may be a better solution for filmmakers then anything 15k and below period (still need to see more from the 1DC)


Narrative tells so much more about a camera then 99% of 'test' footage. Documentery (ex: phillip bloom) just doesn't cut it. Most want to purchase these cams to shoot (narrative) movies. If the camera manus would deliver that, it would be extremely helpful. That being said, have to congratulate Nikon and what their doing on the brand new D800 horror film. This will be their 2nd, after the nighttime motorcycle short photographed in Chicago nearly a year ago.


Cheers my friend

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No we only had it for one day and a few hours at that. The aim was purely to see what the performance and handling was like. We shot some nice footage and I'll post it soon.


I actually think test footage if done right tells you more than a narrative film, it is essential to have a reference camera and compare the two. Sometimes it even helps to compare 4 or 5 cameras at once. A narrative film is my artistic goal, you need a mixture of both. Tests have their place, it would not be practical or scientific to only show creative work. I loved watching Moonrise Kingdom lately but it really doesn't tell me which camera I should buy out of Super 16mm and the Alexa.

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Agreed, a narrative film is a director's vision, and regardless of which camera was used on Moonrise Kingdom for instance, the final result wouldn't have been that different, it would have the same shooting style, color grading and your attention would still be in the story, not the image quality details.

A camera test or shootout should be neutral and objective, be as raw as possible without any added treatment, unless it's illustrating something, like how far grading can go, etc.
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