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Any Canon 6D footage yet and


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[quote name='ronjbase' timestamp='1348714969' post='19093']
I know there is no head phone jack but are the audio levels visible or are they buried like the 5D Mark II. THANKS in advance.....

Here is some not so great 720p footage. I tweeted canon Australia asking for some 1080 24p footage, and they responded saying they would attempt to get some up. Not sure if that will actually happen. No clue on the audio levels

I will say some of those low light shots are great, given that they are at F4

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I'm from the states. I like 24p footage with a slow shutter... I don't get it often on camera releases, I get video with no motion blur most of the time. Sometimes they do 25p. You'd think 25p wouldn't really show a discernible difference in the aesthetic, but I see it. Not much of a difference here in image though with this cam, feels detached. I wonder if this is the one that brings closure to the production of the 5D2. Seems like most of these new boys don't hold a shot long enough to appreciate all the hard work the companies put into them. I wonder if any of them brought a final product to the table this year! haha! I can't justify pre-ordering something if I don't know what I'm going to get in the long run.
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