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  1. For Sale: Lightly used Panasonic DC-GH5 (Body), it is in excellent condition. It has V-Log installed. Will come with box, charger, two OEM batteries, and included paperwork. Latest firmware installed. Camera has absolutely no issues. Please note: I blacked out the Lumix, and GH5 logo with acrylic paint. It looks great to me. GH5 - $1750.00 shipped within the USA. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. I got in on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (bmpcc) fire sale and in preperation for receiving my new camera I have been researching neutral density filters. What I would like to know is what are people's preferences between single ND filters and variable ND filters. And also your thoughts on IR filtration for the bmpcc. I already know if you go the "straight" variable ND route Tiffen seems to be a good trade off as far as quality and price. Dave Dugdale did an incredible review of "straight" variable ND filters. Honestly it is amazing it took an amateur like Dave to do such a test
  3. I broke my L.C.W Fader Variable ND II a while back, and finally got around to replacing it. I decided to give the Bower variable ND a try, at $40. Bower makes decent lenses, so I thought I might luck out. And luck out, I did. It's definitely better than the L.C.W, with less bokeh striation / "texture", no noticeable color shift up to the strongest setting, and the characteristic 'X' pattern only shows up at the very strongest settings (7/8+), as opposed to on the L.C.W where it dominates the image at every strength above 2/3 or so. I haven't tried many higher end variable ND filters, but I'd
  4. Recently I purchased the BMPCC, this is my first post in this part of the forum. I have been following a thread at bmcuser.com about a new nd filter set from HOYA. The tests shows its one of the best nd filter sets at that price point. http://bmcuser.com/showthread.php?6403-New-Hoya-ProNDs-Rolling-Report-Thread&s=7aaab008e89151731778c01d512fdae8.html Here is the order page: http://www.kenkodepot.com/products/hoya/prond-filters/cine-nd-kit/hoya-prond-cine-nuetral-density-filter-kit-77mm-nd4-nd8-nd16-nd32-nd64.html Unfortunately for me I live in Sweden and the deal isn’t av
  5. Hi new here, joined to ask the following question: Does anyone produce (or has experimented making) a lens adapter (nikon to nex for example) with a built in ND filter wheel? hope this isn't too stupid a question to ask. thanks, dan
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