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  1. Good evening guys, I'm searching for a very fast or the fastest lens for the BMPCC. Then fastest I can think of is the Nikon AI 50mm / 55mm f/1.2 in combination with the BMPCC-Speedboster. Do you have another (better) advice? BTW: It's mostly for concert and nighttime shooting and perhaps to get a nice DOP. Thanks a lot! Moe
  2. Hey guys I'm new here.   I recently came upon a Helios 44-2 58mm prime lens and have been very impressed with it's unique character, image quality and sharpness even wide open, especially for the very reasonable price of £4 uk sterling, and it's de-clicked preset type aperture is ideal.   I'd like to complement it with a couple more vintage primes, one around 85mm and the other around 28mm.  I shoot a lot of HD DSLR professionally and often find myself in poorly lit, indoor "rock up and shoot" situations, so the priority for me is to have glass that is fast and stays relatively sharp when wide or close to wide open. The flatter the better in terms of contrast and saturation and flare is a positive in my book.   I currently have a cheap cosina 28mm f2.8 which is average in every respect, and have nothing longer than the Helios other than slower zooms. I know fast and sharp generally means £££££££ and I cannot currently afford quality brand new primes.  I prefer older lenses anyway as I hate not having a manual aperture ring, so I was hoping you guys might have come across a few little vintage gems that might float my boat, preferably under the £150 mark.   I've seen some very nice images from the Jupiter-9 85mm, quite similar in character to the Helios, and they're right on the money, but most reviews suggest that they get very soft when opened up and I'm concerned that I wouldn't get good use out of it for this reason.    Can anybody help me out in my quest for the holy grail in bargain vintage glass?   Cheers dudes.
  3. I am selling my lenses!   1.Set of lenses Zeiss/Oberkochen They give beautifle filmic look!   Zeiss/Oberkochen Distagon T* t/stop=1.2 18mm Zeiss/Oberkochen Opton Di    t/stop=2   24mm Zeiss/Oberkochen Opton Di T* t/stop=1.2 25mm Zeiss/Oberkochen Opton Di T* t/stop=1.2 35mm Zeiss/Oberkochen Opton Pl T* t/stop=1.3 50mm Zeiss/Oberkochen Opton Pl T* t/stop=1.4 85mm   https://www.dropbox.com/s/4lx8m60yxsp0mdq/oberkochen.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/0p4aqie9rizx5bx/IMAG2162.jpg   So how much i can get for them?   2. Totalvision anamorphic    https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qp9dby19o8lee6u/ttAiEQc_St#/     I am mainly intrested in price right now for these lenses? Thank you!
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