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    David V reacted to tomsemiterrific in Wrote a review of Wonder Woman 1984 so you don't have to watch it!   
    A short word on so-called gender equality:
    Equality does not mean sameness.
    It is a serious error in logic to insist they do (and today's brainwashed ideologues DO insist they do in every occasion and instance it serves their perceived advantage.)
    Burger King people, the Sinatrazites beware---your way is the surest way to misery.
    Yet, the remain undaunted and undeterred. 
    They buttress their argument by promoting the other part of their ideological agenda: gender dysphoria. And they apparently intend on beginning it on the innocent at as early an age as they can legally get away with.
    The end result is "the New Man"---identifiable by being in a perpetual state of mass identity confusion in every conceivable way.
    Here the ideological Lords intone, "All the better to manipulate and control you, dearie."
    Meanwhile, human nature grows increasingly distorted and perverted, accelerating the already breath-taking slide of humanity down the rabbit hole leading to oblivion and extinction.
    But who cares?
    When human life has lost all objective purpose and meaning, and great masses are either incapable of or exhausted  from making up their own, what does it matter. Oblivion will be a relief. 
    The question I find the most curious in this whole process is simply this: Can the truth about the reality of man become so muddled
    and confused in his insane, blind, and quixotic attempt to become his own god and recreate himself in his own perverse, distorted ideological image, that any and all vestiges of anything that was naturally good in him be completely destroyed?
    Can you say Gargoyle? Can you say "fully ersatz, proxy existence?"
    Can you say "universal Marxism?"
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    David V reacted to Borbarad in Wrote a review of Wonder Woman 1984 so you don't have to watch it!   
    Communism isn’t an utopia for a better humanity as it ignores the humanity respectively the human nature completely. It would only work where humans can be programmed in 0 and 1 , otherwise you have to control your population which will always end in a disaster and death.
    Communism is great for brain storming and philosophy but nothing for reality.
    That doesn’t mean capitalism is great. It has horrible flaws but it’s the only system humanity created where you are allowed to die as a free men.
    That’s enough off topic....
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    David V reacted to Andrew Reid in Wrote a review of Wonder Woman 1984 so you don't have to watch it!   
    Utopia? Communism? 🙂
    M1 is manufactured in Taiwan by TSMC. Taiwan is a democracy.
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    David V reacted to PannySVHS in Wrote a review of Wonder Woman 1984 so you don't have to watch it!   
    Great write up. Except that communism is not the right scarecrow, as it is an utopy for the better of humanity. Stalinism was a monsterous dictatorship. Already two and a half decades later Tarkovskji made the masterpiece Solaris, before that the grand masterpiece Ivans childhood. China is not communist but imperialist, building an imperium to hopefully not to rule the world some day. Apple M1 is manufactured in Cali, right? Iphone not though, we know where and under what conditions and for whom. My S1? Well.
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    David V reacted to PannySVHS in Is Panasonic Leaving The Camera Market?   
    Once S1H gains momentum at filmschools, it will produce more and more impressive films. Today a friend of mine entered the realm of Varicam colour science and massive cinema image quality with the S1H. I was close to buy one myself, because I was going to sell my S1 due to the paid VLog update and the 10bit 4K60p of the S5. Tell you what, the VLog 10bit puts the S1 way ahead of a C300II image wise, no contest at all! If S5 will continues to sell well, and if Panasonic keeps their model philosophy in logic and neat order, they will grow and give Sony a good run for the money. My friend owns a GH5 and films with Arri at his school. If the S1H convinces him for his project, he is the usual film school image connoiseur, it will be on a whole lot of film school shoots. Film school in Germany means some free tickets for the large German film festivals as Berlinale and others. The S line I think will rock the scene. I hope I can be part of it.:)
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    David V reacted to MrSMW in Is Panasonic Leaving The Camera Market?   
    Like Nikon, I don’t think any time soon.
    Based on nothing but pure speculation/opinion.
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    David V got a reaction from MrSMW in Panasonic S5 User Experience   
    Very very nice short man. 
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    David V reacted to MrSMW in Panasonic S5 User Experience   
    Well here's my first use of the S5.
    Neutral profile, no tweaks to any in camera settings, SOOC, 4k 50p shot in shutter priority 1/100 with the 20-60mm kit lens.
    Clips imported into Premiere and only adjustments have been to the speed which is 50% for the visuals.
    Password = Woodworker
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    David V reacted to OniBaba in Their.Tube - YouTube completely in bed with QAnon, etc. promoting bullshit for clicks   
    Despite "editors" we got ton of lies and propaganda on 'weapon of mass destruction" ownership.
    Thanks to youtube "policies" we got censorship on biological sex.
    Before "the internet" we got books on conspiracy theories and suicidal sects.
    Now we got wikipedia and it seems ALL other internet sources copy & paste its content.
    So what?
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    David V reacted to CommuniCat in Pro camcorder ergonomics - why are they so rubbish?   
    "the lack of internal ND filters is just stupid! How long is it going to take before we see the basics of exposure coming to a mirrorless camera near you?!"
    This is 100% on target. That, and stupid recording cutoffs at 29 minutes and no option to upgrade to a video version with longer recording options. 
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    David V reacted to Andrew Reid in HBO Max streaming controversy - Christopher Nolan versus Warner   
    Here's how the music industry is...
    Big profits for Spotify but talent kept completely in the dark.
    We cannot have our culture controlled in this way and pimped out over the internet whilst live audiences become obsolete.
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    David V reacted to Andrew Reid in HBO Max streaming controversy - Christopher Nolan versus Warner   
    I can't see it myself. Those with an interest in cinema have already bought all of that stuff.
    What changes?
    Just because Matrix 4 comes to streaming first, and you can't go to the cinema - you are not, as an average mainstream ex-cinemagoer, going to spend $3000 on gear for that are you?
    I disagree with that too I'm afraid. What is the point of a director at all if the customer makes all the decisions?
    (Yes The choice of viewing device is a creative decision)
    Sure, and they can already spend their money on Netflix, or whatever. I don't care.
    But depriving cinemas of content at a time like this is a bad move for culture.
    We need the rousing blockbuster social experience like never before. New Bond film at Christmas. That kind of thing.
    Short sighted beancounters at the studios risk killing that future.
    It's short term thinking.
    The math and damn statistics are nothing to do with it. Emotionally I can tell the difference between a big cinema screen and a TV! It's a completely separate experience.
    sounds quite charming to me 🙂
    Music streaming has killed music.
    They are not paying per film. It's a monthly sub, creative cloud style. Do you want to tie yourself into 10 of those all at once just to get the same selection of studio content you would at any one time in one cinema? Sounds fucking expensive to me!
    I can just see it following the music industry to a tee.
    Smaller artists lose out from Spotify in big fashion.
    The pirated copies of HBO Max streams will be full HD, 1080p, probably identical quality to what you get from the paid service.
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