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  1. Maybe I've misinterpreting this promotion, then, but it was updated recently to say this. Is there another 85mm lens? Edit: Oh, I see somebody already pointed this out -- I guess this is why I should read the posts before responding lol
  2. Is that what you got instead of the Sigma 45mm, because of low stocks?
  3. Finally got my camera! How long did it take everybody to get their free pre-order Sigma 45mm?
  4. ProRes RAW support please
  5. Yeah exactly. Since the end of the pre-order period ended, I’ve been checking every other retailer and they’ve consistently had stock while Jessops hasn’t received any at all. I’ve been in touch with both Jessops and Panasonic and both of them have just told me to wait, but I wonder if with the lockdown coming up I’ll just be entirely out of luck?
  6. I'm going off this page that says November: https://www.panasonicpromotions.co.uk/promotions Maybe different in the EU? I pre-ordered the day after announcement day lol, Jessops just keep telling me they never got stock.
  7. The claim deadline is the 30th of November so I hope you didn't cancel it lol. Did you also order from Jessops?
  8. To follow on from this, does anybody in the UK? I pre-ordered in mid-September from Jessops and they still haven't received stock...
  9. This was just posted in the 'GH5 to Alexa Conversion' thread. It's shot on the S5. This was shot on the S1: These were both shot on the S1H with the Ninja V in ProRes RAW (an update the S5's getting too).
  10. So, perhaps I'm being stupid, but: I do a lot of work with gels on lights balanced for daylight. If I use the daylight LUTs for these images, will the image look accurate to how an Arri would capture lights using those gels, or will colour accuracy be entirely wrong because I'm not just using unmodified daylight or tungsten lights?
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