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  1. Thank you very much. I really hoped it would be better now. I looked at the video below and though that it's quite ok but video only shows couple of scenarios.
  2. Hi I would like to ask how is the S5 autofocus nowadays in AF-C face/eye/subject tracking ? I am looking to jump ship from Fuji X-T4 and wondering if I will loose much in that department. Also wondering how much better the AF is with native lets say Panasonic 50 f1.8 compared to something like Sigma 65 f2 ? I will not be using camera professionally, only hobby travel / family / kids stuff. Fuji is not ideal and I can see some pulsing especially when using eye / face tracking.
  3. FS670ES

    Fuji X-T4

    I am a Fuji user and can confirm. That's how it is with Fuji for now. It seems that they don't know how to fix AF and exposure stepping in auto iso. Exposure stepping is now little better but still not solved and in AF department they are moving backwards compared to X-T3. I wonder if they will finally figure out tracking in video in X-H2. Lack of MK II versions of f1.4 / f1.2 primes is also annoying and for now Fuji is not going to do anything about this. The worst thing is that when X-H2 will hit the market then X-T4 will be left behind with broken AF system. Like I said before it's a wonderful system for full manual work : manual af and exposure. Then results are great.
  4. Thank you @SteveV4D and @Daai for the video sample. IBIS seems to have similar problems as Fuji and it over corrects movements, but will wait for final firmware and proper tests when it comes out. Rolling shutter seems ok in 4k60p. Autofocus is little jumpy but that probably can be corrected in the settings i guess. Overall looks good and I have high hopes for this as I will probably choose R6 over X-T4 which has some serious problems with AF and auto exposure.
  5. I am really confused. Can someone please tell me what is the cripple hammer for 4k60p on R6 ? It seems that AF is fully working now (not like in 1Dx Mark III) right ? So is there crop, binning or sever rolling shutter going on ? As rumors say ALL-I will be added so that's good. Will it be better option than X-T4 for run and gun with auto focus or are there some serious downsides that I am not seeing ?
  6. FS670ES

    Fuji X-T4

    I just don't get it why Fuji still didn't fix that horrible exposure stepping. It's not a deal breaker but when I want to shoot for fun during my holiday with family it would be useful to have good working auto iso without those steps in exposure. I also see some AF pulsing in some tests like in Panasonic system. Even with lens such as 16-55 f2.8 and I am wondering how is that possible.
  7. FS670ES

    Fuji X-T4

    Max stated already couple of times that he uses default camera settings to show users what you get straight out of camera without any fiddling with settings. Unfortunately many if not most of Z6 videos on the web are using standard profile with this horrible over sharpening. Fuji X-T4 would be perfect but for me this AF pulsing and harsh exposure stepping in auto ISO are deal breakers.
  8. I am also no proffesional but I love taking family videos during travel. X-T3 is almost perfect but like I said exposure stepping, not perfect AF due to lack of subject tracking and some focus hunting, no custom banks for fast switch between photo / video and lack of IBIS (I don't want to always put camera on a gimbal). All those things caused that instead of spending time with family I was constantly fiddlind with gimbal, exposure settings and AF but results were great. Fuji gives great filmic look in my opinion with not much post processing. I also looked at GH5 or even G9 but the biggest problem is AF. CDAF can pulsate like crazy on the backround and M43 is not perfect for photos. Due to all this I gave up with 4k60 idea and then I am left with Sony A7III with worse 1080p, some moire, bad colors, not perfect white balance and not so good IBIS and with Nikon Z6 which in my opinion gives a sweet spot. Good IBIS, smooth AF although this focusing system is not as polished as Sonys, good colors but the system can be pretty bulky compared to the others. My mind is now blown as I don't know what to choose. Searching for perfect photo/video hybrid leads to serious analysis paralysis.
  9. It's a real pitty. I am looking for a camera with smooth auto iso and smooth af for run and gun video on gimbal during travel. I already done such run and gun with my current X-E3 but setting manual exposure all the time during travel with my family is getting cumbersome. AF also ruined couple of shots due to pulsing and was also cumbersome due to lack of subject tracking. Panasonic S1 is too big and to expensive. Sony is good for auto iso and af but their colors are meh. It seems like Nikon Z6 or maybe Z50 will do the job for me in this particular use scenario.
  10. Hi Can anybody please help me with one question. I have read couple of threads and I get different opinions on this. Did Fuji X-T3 / X-T30 finally fixed their Auto ISO stepping exposure problem ? I mean when I film with fixed aperture and ss and have auto iso set...do exposure transitions look smooth or is there still this stepping behaviour ?
  11. I was hoping for Canon to bring something good but nope. Sony A6600 has weak 1080p which is a dealbreaker. Fuji x-t30 has some heat issues and no real object tracking so it's not perfect for family travel gimbal setup, also slow focusing f1.4 lenses. Now I am wondering if to move to Sony A7 III or to Nikon Z6. Any suggestions which is better for gimbal setup with AF ?
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